Dc205 "Configuring Ubuntu 9.10 and making it look Sexy."

Jan 31

Ubuntu is a great operating system if you think about it. You can download it for free and it comes bundled with a whole lot of applications out of the box. Adding software is easy and the operating system is extremely versatile when it comes down to using it. You can run it on older hardware, use it a server or a workstation .. and stuff like that.

The one downside that there is to installing Ubuntu Linux from the CD is that it does not come with a LOT of software. Sure its very easy to point and click and get all of the stuff you need via the software center. However : Installing non-free software like MP3 and DVD playback ability, Some applications like for example Google Chrome and Skype is not always possible using this method. So we’ve pointed you to the right places to go in this manual.

But then you are still stuck with a “classic Ubuntu Interface” that does not really look all that sexy. Well , let’s take care of that too then. We are going to take a “plain vanilla” installation of Ubuntu 9.10 and add all the extra software you require PLUS show you some tips and tweaks how to make it look … Sexy. So if you want to take your installation of Ubuntu to the next level .. Follow along !

  • A Vanilla install.
  • Adding Repositories.
  • Enabling DVD and MP3 playback, flash etc.
  • Adding extra software
  • Installing Picasa, Google Chrome,Skype etc.
  • Configuring Cairo Dock.
  • Making it look Sexy.

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