The letters of life

The letters of life. Wonderful day today. Sometimes you need to take a day of and just let stuff be stuff. Well I'm not THAT relaxed cause i have a lot to do today. But still , its a welcome break from daily affairs. With all the 'march-ial law' that is in effect these day's

Snowscapes freeze my toughts…

Snow falls down, gentle white feathers of frozen dreams. My thoughts grow wings and dance trough them on warm and gentle wings. I look over the frozen world and my mind grabs hold of the deafening silence. I can sit here for hours and let my soul grasp the peace of the white curtain of

Thinking of her…

My love. Time flows like a silent river. The babbling brooks of days gone by flow into its gently swinging curves. Like lightning strikes the dark but ever present horizon. I sail with you through the oceans of time and over the waves of life. You are the sea that keeps me afloat, you are

Just … Be !

What are the lines below ? The lyrics of an anthem.. the words of a song that has unlocked the secrets of the third decennium to me… Is it poetry in the modern world or a psalm of fundamental truth in a haze of chaos. I don't know but what i do know is that

Wonderfull banana.

Just to point out my thoughts on all the new years wishes : a dutch poem. Chiquita Duizend hongerbuiken in Rwanda Miljoenen Hutu-Tutsi’s gaan eraan In China loopt de allerlaatste panda En Chiquita is een prachtige banaan Vliegtuig stort in zee vlakbij Biskaje Daarbij zijn er honderd doodgegaan Een deel is opgevroten door de haaien

May all of us find peace of mind.

All over the world people are starving and getting killed in some war. Peace is a distant speck of light in a dark night of blood and humanity is racing towards its own oblivion within the next 200 years. Merry Christmas everyone ? If you can sit and pat your belly tonight, actually believing that

Random poetry

Why is it that when silence is closest to me, my thoughts drift off like snow in the wind Towards fields of placid sorrow in melancholic smiles. Safe is how I feel with its velvet cloack draped around me. And yett… Silence and sorrow go hand in hand and if the pool of tranquility resides