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Nov 13

By the powers of the fan-o-sphere ( Some great and loyal listeners) I was able to get a Google Voice invice and setup a Google Voice account for the Knightwise.Com podcast. So all of you non-European, Asian, Russian, Australian, New-Zealandanian and Non Martian listeners ( Ok , the "American ones") you can now CALL the Voicemail line. Don’t be disappointed when you don’t hear me picking up the phone on the other side of the line, but that is Google’s fault who would not allow free-call-forwarding abroad AND there is this little item called TIME-ZONES which means that I snore while you chore.



So for those of you who DO want to drop the show a voicemail (or send heavy breathing, whatever works for you) Call our Google voice number on (218) 2629237 and leave us a greeting. If you have ‘Questions, Feedback, Promo’s or Rants’ you can drop them off right there and I’ll just pop them into the next show (if they are decent ;l) ) So what are you waiting for ! CALLLL…. that magic number NOW (and get a set of free steak knives) 

Thanx to Brent an Jay to help me set this sucker up  🙂 

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