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Sep 04




A friend of mine at work visited New York lately and was kind enough to snap me a little shot of the new Apple Store. You can also see the full high res picture on Flicker, because this guy would not now compression if it bit him in the nose. I swear his digital camera's flashdrive must be the size of Jaba the Huts underbelly. But this also results in fantastic shots. So thanx Chris for this great shot AND the list of quotes you sent me. When in the Big Apple, Talk like in the Big Apple. A hilarious website full of real life quotes heard out and about the streets of New York. With September 11th coming up its time to pay tribute to the "Spirit of the New Yorker'. And I must say .. If everyone is that tough down there .. no wonder they are so resilient. 


 Some of my Favorites.

  • Bleutooth ? 

Old woman, to woman talking on Bluetooth headset: Excuse me, but are you talking to yourself?

Woman just looks at her and keeps talking.

Old woman: No, seriously! Are you talking to yourself? Because, if you are, you should be nicer to yourself.
–Central Park


  • Tourists !

 10-Year-Old boy, whining: But, Daaad, why not?!
Southern tourist dad: Because. And I told you before: we do not go in stores with names we can't pronounce!

–56th & 6th

  • And of course.

Guy: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to insult your computer. I didn't know it was a cheap computer. I'm sorry.
Girl: You didn't insult my computer. You insulted my socio-economic status.

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