I know I never told you guys this, but I have an addition. Its something i'm not proud of and that I do not boast with. Its something I hide away from the world as much as I can. Whenever the crave hits me I just have to get my shot. The only bad thing about it is, that my stash is dwindling away. With only a limited amount of 'the potion' at hand, I have to ration my usage. If that sounds pretty bad, Imagine the lovely Nyana being addicted to all this as well. Its not her fault. I pushed her into it.. Made her … and now she cannot get back.

Yes my friends.. "My name is Knightwise and I'm addicted to .. Battlestar Galactica". And i'm not talking about the old series (who are all pretty fine and dandy) but the new ones. The series that I was very sceptical about when I saw the first reports in the media. Starbuck a woman ? A white Tie ? What a load of "Beverly hills 90210 meets Space above-and-beyond" crap was this going to be  ?  But I did however get curious and aquired the pilot episode through less then legal means. I popped in the file in VLC Media player and watched in awe for two hours straight.




When the file was done .. I just sat there .. for two minutes straight. Not moving, not uttering a word .. And in my head the quote I heard on some podcast a year ago kept ringing and ringing. "Possibly the best Sci Fi EVER made" I could fill this entire post with praise but let me just dig up this anecdote to prove how good it is.  After watching it I went out to the store and BOUGHT (yes , you read that right) season one and two of "BSG" and brought it home. I begged and pleaded Nyana to watch ONE episode with me. After a lot of wining from my part she agreed. (if only to shut me up). And for her the results where the same. After the pilot episode was done .. there was silence in the room. Seconds went by where I expected her to snort dismissively and walk out of the room mumbling it was the biggest load of crap since Close encounters of the third kind. But she said one little word that traveled through the silence . " MORE "  




So that first night we watched 2.5  hours of BSG. And now, every weekend at sunday we get our 'fix' of the big BSG. We have plowed through the first episodes in a few weeks. Devoting entire sunday afternoons to watching the series. Loving every minute of it. Since we have hit season 2 we try to ration our passion. Cause otherwise we would run out of episiodes and the box for season three is not in the shops as yet. But suffice to say we have some cash in our pockets jumping to buy that one too. The term "Possibly the best sci-fi ever" does indeed apply, and this coming from a Star Trek fan.. is quite something.




This morning I got an E-mail from good old Sharky , who found this little gem on the net. "BEYOND THE RED LINE" is a shooter based on Battlestar Galactia. Looking at the screenshots its pretty darn spiffy and all that . Now I know what you are saying : "So the Frack what " There has been a BSG game on the Xbox and all that Jazz. That is indeed true .. BUT : This baby is cross-platform ! You can play it on the Mac, on Linux and on the PC. And you know how much i like cross platform software ! There are free demo's to download and according to Sharky the final version is gonna be a freebie too. So this weekend its 'Fracking Showtime' !!! As i pull in the torrent and see if I can give it a spin on my Macbook. Lets see if "Beyond the red line" will add an additional fix on my addiction. Hell , perhaps me and Nyana can even play together 🙂 ..

Thanx Sharky !!! … So say we all ! 

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