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Mar 19

hackersPerhaps some of you have seen that atrocity of a movie with Angela Jolie called Hackers, perhaps you’re a fan of the movie Swordfish and got to pry your eyes away from the boobs of Halle Berry and watched the big computer screens instead. Or perhaps you are still a 40 year old virgin that lives with his mother and is using the same technology like in the movie WARGAMES to get some kicks. In each of these three scenario’s, the hopes of you becoming a hacker are pretty slim. You become a hacker through experience and technical knowledge and not just by reading the "hacking for dummies book" or NOT falling asleep halfway the "HACKING EXPOSED" book that you bought last year. But some of us don’t have the time to build up technical expertise like that, some of us have girlfriends / boyfriends and some of us might just "get some" from time to time. But still : You wanna be cool or you wanna have a little fun with hacking ? Google .. is your friend.

For most of us our lives are situated behind home routers, we are running private Ip address ranges and seldom get a ping to our network port straight from the net. But that is not always the case for others. A lot of companies have bought public ip ranges. And instead of hiding their devices in a private network they sometimes need to hook them up straight to the net. Other scenario’s include people who connect their old Windows 2000 machines straight to their cable modem.. Without even running a firewall. All of these scenario’s conclude in the fact that these computers / devices we are talking about , are connected DIRECTLY to the net. And whatever is connected directly to the net … is search-able by Google. 

So if we take into account that the Google searchbots "read" the html pages exposed to the net, a simple search query with a string of code of that perticular website .. should point us to that html page. Take for example a webcam with its own webserver. Very handy! Take a snippet of code out of the webpage you use to take a look at the camera .. and whack in into Google : Sito presto : webcams all over the world are at your fingertips.

JohnyIhackStuff has dedicated an entire page of these cool ‘google hacks’ on his site. You can look for webcams, routers, printers and lots more just using Google in combination with the stupidity of the people who get caught in the crosshairs. I’ve had hours of fun hooking up printers that where directly connected to the net, to my own pc and just printing out 300 pages of teletubbie images 🙂 I’ve peeked at webcams all over the world and was even considering entering WPA keys on somebody elses router. It is hours of fun and it teaches you a good deal about security, but try to stay "white hat" as a hacker and don’t abuse this knowledge. But besides that : Its a lot of fun.. Welcome to the deep web !

Link : Johny’s Google hacks

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