macSome nice tips and tricks on the net today on "how to tweak your OSX for speed". I mean Eye candy and all that jazz is pretty nice but let’s face it. After watching your Windows get sucked down into the dock 'Hoover style' the novelty factor tends to wear out just a little. It’s like watching the Paris Hilton Porn Video 18 times in a row and coming to the realisation she's not all that! Now with my Beryl-wobbly-windows on Ubuntu I must say I like the Eye candy. Because it’s not distracting you from what you are doing all that much. (And I have processor power to spare).

But as for my G3 Mac upstairs there is no such luxury. It’s an old G3 450 with 512 megs of ram and I’ll probably turn it into a Linux server once I've gotten my hands on a faster one but, until that day I’ll just have to make due with it, running OSX on a machine that is a tad too slow for comfort. Bless THIS article that gives me a greater insight into tweaking down your OSX for speed. I knew some of the hacks, but the whole TINKERTOOL is pretty new to me. Very interesting stuff, I must say. The one thing the article does not cover is how to DISABLE YOUR DASHBOARD. Somehow the way of the widget has gone past me and I cannot see any use into rendering your workspace completely useless in favour of looking at the weather widget and noticing that it’s pretty dry in Tanzania these days. I'll try out this little script on that old G3 back home and see if I can squish some extra productive processor cycles out of it.

Here are the links.
Removing Dashboard
Speed up your mac

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