Wookie the Chew needs some help.

Apr 12

James Hance, The name won’t ring a bell I presume, but I bet when you see the picture below, you might have an idea who i’m talking about. James’ art has surfaced all over the internet here and there and kind of clings to you in a geeky-romantic and endearing way. This man has the power to capture simple beauty and “relentless cheerfulness” in subjects that weren’t ‘intended’ to be that way. 

That trait is something James is going to need in the next couple of months as his six year old daughter (who won me over by posing with a giant lightsaber) is sick. Medical bills are high and James is looking for help. You can go over to his site and donate, and if you’re over there check out James’ wonderful artwork. As a bit sci-fi geek I love some of the prints he has put up there, and some of the crossovers he makes turn me into a big softie. I mean : a Scout trooper hugging a pet AT-AT ? How cool is that.

So, check out his website, and consider making a donation for this little sweet kid. You can even write her a cool message to cheer her up. And while you are there, browse through the ‘endearing’ gallery of prints, paintings and his illustrations for “wookie the Chew” and if they make YOU smile, why not return the favor to the little girl.

Links : http://www.jameshance.com/

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