This site is under repair.

Mar 21

This site is under repair (and in despair) Have we pod-faded away ? Is the Knightcast as dead as a doorknob ? Is there no more hope ? Have we taken a plane to off-lineworld for eternity ? Relax my friends .. None of this is true..First of all , let me apologise about the long silence on the Knightcast. I know the standard excuse is : I've been busy. I indeed HAVE been very busy (certainly now the renovations on our house have started again) but that is not the sole reason for the Knightcast to suffer such an update-deprival. Quite frankly one of the main reasons for this silence-before-the storm was that I had to think the whole thing over. While painting walls and sandpapering wood I thought a lott about the Knightwise website and where I want to take it… Why ? because I get a lot of mixed reactions on the site .. And all to often the question : Whats it all about. Well , I tend to answer .. its about life , its about technology… And erm erm … Just check it out .. Thats kind of my standard reply. Afterwards people complained that the content was confusing.. You have collumns , a podcast , a blog , tech news.. Why don't you limit it down to just one category.And thats what I don't want . I don't want to be JUST another tech-site. Nor do I want to be Just another boring blog. I'm to creative to be pinned down into one category.But it made me think that I am going to have to clarify a lot on both the podcast and the website. So the redesigning of the Knightcast podcast AND modifications to the website are in the works. April 1st we will be back in full force with a LOT of new material. But we will tell you in advance what to expect.
The (new-and-improved) website will have clear boundries between the several types of posts.

There will be several categories of content :

  • 'Life as we know it': What is happening in my life.
  • 'Tech-Time': Links, cybernews etc.
  • 'Cult and Chaos': My collumns and Reviews.
  • 'The Knightcast': Posts containing the shownotes for the Knightcast podcast.

The Knightcast Podcast is also going to change a little. It will have the same categories as mentioned above (nicely divived) BUT will change in formula.

  • One week we'll do an extensive TECH show with extensive how-to's on letting technology work for you.
  •  Every other week it will be all the rest . Cyber news , a collumn, a soundseeing tour .. What ever.

So one week you're in realspace .. the other in cyberspace.

I just want you to know i'm putting a ton of work into this and hope you will all stay subscribed and keep on visiting the site because .. It will be worth it !

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