Well, Let me start off by welcoming you to our new place. You might not see it from the get go, but the Knightwise.com
website has moved over to new servers. If you have been following along
you might have noticed that the stability of the website was a bit
flaky at best. (Lets say the power supply of the SQL
server running the place was wired up to a Hamsters Treadmill.. and the
hamster was getting tired). So it was time to move over the entire site
to theBlue-host servers in the US. Good things will come of this. Since we have some extra storage space and bandwidth to burn, I’ll Finally be able to publish ALL of the old Knightcast archived episodes from season 1 (1 to 38) AND start putting the KWTV episodes online too for you to download.. Its all gonna be in the RSS feed 🙂

Speaking of moving, we are doing a little bit of ‘internal’ moving ourselves, draggin furniture from one side of the Knightscastle to the other. A few days ago Nyana noticed that we had the 24 inch Imac
upstairs in the office, but we did not spend a lot of time there. Since
we are downstairs mostly it was kind of a shame to get so little
"machine time" on one of our most powerful computers in the house. She
suggested moving the 24 inch Imac
downstairs and plopping it down on the kitchen table. That way we would
get to use it more often and we would be doing some "RSI – Friendly
computing" Most of the time we use our Laptops to do our everyday
computing, but coming to think of it, it was not very healthy for our
backs and wrists. So a little ‘reorganisation’ was in order. To be
honest ? I love it. The Imac
is a classy addition to our new kitchen and its "position" does make it
easy to access. Over dinner we tend to watch a podcast or screen cast ,
or look stuff and things. It has brought the world of the web even
closer to our day to day lives. Letting tech work for us , means that
the imac auto-boots at 6 am, pulls in podcasts and screen-casts and is ready for ‘consumption of daily content’ by the time I get downstairs. Fantastic.

With the Imac
gone upstairs it was time to reorganise some more and move our bedroom

up to the top level. With that, what was ‘left’ of the office gets
moved down to our former bedroom. I do say what is ‘left" of my office.
Since our laptops roam the house and the one remaining "desktop" we had
sits in the kitchen, my "office’" consists of a our NAS,
our printer, 2 external monitors and that’s about it (and of course the
recording equipment for the podcast). With that the concept ‘computer
room’ or "office’" has ceased to exist in the Knightcastle.
Now there is only one place where the data  is stored centrally, but
one is no longer tied to a specific room or even device to do ones
thing. With personal user accounts oneach others laptops, data up in the cloud and local data centrally available over the NAS, it no longer matters where we are or what machine we are using to do our thing.

This de-centralising
of our computer-infrastructure
is in line with the way we are
experiencing our "Digital Lifestyle" these days. Computers, to us are
abundant and omnipresent in our lives. Now it is no longer a case of
"one person sitting behind the computer" but rather "Sharing the
computer experience while sitting at the kitchen table" our digital
experiences are mergingtogether. Crossing yet another bridge between our Cyber-lifestyle and our real everyday life.

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