I’ve been a space geek all my life and to me, the big black universe has always fascinated me. Why? Because space is big and full of possibilities. It’s a “space” that is big enough to encompass all the possibilities of “what’s out there” that I can think of.

That feeling of “vastness” is hard to capture in ones mind. The giant black cold void that separates us from everything around is so expansive that numbers cannot capture it. What can is … Music.

As a child, the TV Series “Cosmos” has made an unimaginable impression on me. When I heard the opening tune and the dulcet tones of Carl Sagan, I would be glued to the television, focused on images of stars and nebulae and …. the Music. I was only 7 years old so I didn’t understand what Carl was saying ( I didn’t speak English yet) so what stuck is the fantastic, timeless music of Vangelis. A composer who should rightfully be awarded the honour of giving humanity the soundtrack of the stars.

There are several songs from this soundtrack that have become iconic, timeless pieces, but there is one that captures the vast cold loneliness of the void between the stars .. then “Alpha”. Melancholic, emotional and intense it feels like it is perpetually hummed by out Voyager Spaceprobes as they hurl further and further away from us every day.

So when I found this wonderful cover, performed by Jeff Pearce of the iconic “Alpha”, I knew I had to share it.

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