The precious one procent : When do I watch video on my ipod.

Dec 08

Movement takes time : What a surprise. 

What I allways find hilariously entertaining, yet impossible to comprehend, is the fact that people can get so increadibly aggitated in their car. I mean : The natural fisical reality that point A and point B are seperated by a certain distace, combined with the fact that you are using a motor vehicle and are not in posetion of a jetplane or personal transporter, does clearly imply that some amount of time is going to be spent traveling this certain distance. And allthough people are aware of all these facts they get increadibly annoyed behind the wheel when things aren't going fast enough , or god forbid, they are caught in a traffic jam.

ipod"Whow Knightwise, A 2 hour commute every day : You must be mad. " they say. Now a two hour commute in a country that is about 2.5 hours wide in driving time , does seem a lot. Yet I don"t mind realy. In these 2 years I"ve been doing the daily shuttle, I have never had the idea that I was wasting my time. Yes perhaps in the beginning. When I listenend to Cd's and to the radio. But I have come far beyond that scenario. 

Thanx to podcasts, my loyal friends for the two hour drive, i've since then seen my "commute" time as a chance to learn stuff , keep up to date and so forth. But occasionaly I run into a traffic jam. As other people eat their respective steering collimns, I check my clock and whip out my Ipod video. As the cars around me hover to a standstill in bonified deadlock, I punch up the latest Video podcasts I've subscribed to … And start watching some tube !

So with some arching eyebrows eyeballing me from the other cars, I sit back and enjoy some great entertainment like DLTv and Hack5 , or even a bit of Geekbrief with Cally. According to study only 1% of your time spent using your Ipod video , is actually used watching video. I don"t disagree. But the timing at which you can do this … Is worth every second. 

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