The new Macbook on the way ?

Apr 11

Macbook on the way. As the hammering is continuing today while work on the website continues I'm starting to realise this might just (hopefully) be one of my last posts in this current layout. The last post .. get it .. (Queue trumpet).

But no matter, just let us take a quick look at everyday affairs. “out with the mini .. in with the… erm..”I sold one of my two mac mini's last week because I wanted to get me one of those intell macs. Since the Intell Mac mini was released a month ago it was time to upgrade one of the two 'mini-twins' Completely unlike me , instead of ordering the new before having properly sold the old, i decided to wait 'till April first when Apple would be 30. Thinking they would come up with some great promotion or even the release of a new product .. I waited .. and waited .. and .. Nothing. Without even a sigh the 30th birthday passed on the Apple site. No discounts , no new products and 600 euros itching in my pocket for a new mac. So I looked around the second hand market and found some pretty cool deals around. An Imac G5 17" , a 20" Imac , perhaps even a powerbook. Some interesting deals out there (even a lampshade-Model G4) but I decided to bite my lip and bide my time. This week wrote a tasty article about an upcoming new I-book : And I quote : "The upcoming MacBook is said to share internal components with the recently released Mac mini which comes in both Core Solo and Core Duo configurations. The new MacBook will therefore replace both the current 12" and 14" iBooks as well as the 12" PowerBook G4"

I must say .. for this I can have 30 to 60 days of patience. A new Intell based mac-laptop that thanks to Bootcamp can dual-boot windows. I'll buy that for a dollar. Looking at the fun I had with my 12" Ibook (and the snarl on Nyana's face whenever I try to take it away from her) this is definitely on of the best hardware investments I made the last 2 years.

But knowing how happy I am looking forward to what is to come.. I will probably be equally disappointed with the price as Mac hardware can be so damn damn expensive.. but its probably worth it.

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