I could do a long long post about why I have not updated in quite a
while, summing up all the things that have been going on and why its
been so busy and stuff
. But that would constitute an excuse and would
only bore you to death. It is pointless to summ up all the reasons why
i’ve been busy because you must know they are valid. I much rather work
on my website and hang out with my buddies then do anything else.

But i’ll try to give you a little run-down of all the stuff thats
going on.
Just so you know where I’m at these days.  I realy enjoyed
the holidays and took my time to relax and kick back. Right after new
year it was time for the big wrap up at the place where I worked. I had
three more weeks before I switched jobs so I had to train my
replacement and tie up all the loose ends. The fact these people where
in the midst of a gigantic migration from W2K to XP did not help to
lighten the load. So busy days where very plentyfull and where followed
by the occasional crash on the sofa.. To tired to touch a keyboard.

The last day at work was very special. Having worked with great colleagues I was kinda surprised that they had thrown me a little goodbye ceremony. Well , having teased and annoyed them for 2 years did
put me up for some major payback, but the kind words they said really
touched me. Its not always easy being a Field engineer, fixing
everybody’s problems.. But on the other hand people realy appreciate
what you do. I know "its our job" but .. when people speak out and tell
you they are going to miss you .. It is realy touching.

Onto the part why everyone is hitting the blog these last few days
The "Mega Mindy Incident". My colleagues at Phillips knew I was going
for a new assignment as ‘flying field engineer’. This means : Driving
around from client to client, solving their computer problems. Its
kinda like being a superhero.. Or like being a baywatch babe .. minus
the bikini. So in tune with the whole superhero theme they thought they
would give me a suitable goodbey present : They gave me .. A Mega Mindy
costume. Mega Mindy (for you foreigners) is the star of a local kids
show. Kind of a 21st century tame version of wonder woman (minus the
sex appeal)  … I’ll put the video up and then you’ll understand.



So .. Thinking I would be embarrassed , receiving this
they also thought I would NEVER put it on .. Not in front of
30 of my colleagues.. They where wrong. I have the balls (you can see it
in this suit if it where not for the little purse). So here is me .. as
Mega Mindy.


                      Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ? No .. its Mega (mindy) Knightwise.
          Me and the Goon Squad : Steven (on the left) And Stoffel (on the right).


    The superhero catches the vilain and rescues the babe. In this case Kurt and An 🙂






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