TEENAGE HARDCORE WEBCAM SLUTS … erm .. I mean : Unintended concequences.

Nov 24

pronJust before the week is out, a quick roundup of what has been going down on Casa Del Knightwise. Be warned, that if you are offended by bad language, pornographic content or adult material, you might not want to read this specific post. You also might want to consider never coming outside again, blowing up your tv and radio, burn all your magazines and glue your ears and eyes shut with glue before sealing yourself in a coffin that is parked in the top left corner of the church. Only that way will you never be offended again.

Unintended concequences.

The reason for this warning is a funny event that happened this week with the Knightwise.com website. As you know we keep logs of who  visits the site and from where they are redirected. These stats ( Gracefully set up and checked by Codemonkey Rob) tell us where our visitors come from, what they like .. and what they search for. While digging through our logs, Rob found some very strange searchterms that led users to our site. Before I go on , let me quickly disclose how a search engine works. A seachengine like Google send out a Spider program that litelary "reads" through somebody's website and indexes the content accordingly. Mostly these spiders just look at the words but not exactly at the context they are written in. This lead to some 'unintended conciquences' following the combination of our BRUNO article and our MSN article. Suddenly we found visitors stumbling onto the Knightsite, their fingers still sticky after typing in all kinds of NAUGHTY searchterms. After typing in TEENAGE MSN WEBCAM SLUTS the Knightwise.com website popped up on ranking number seven. GAY HARD WEBCAM brought people to our "coin du www" using some other obscure searchengine. How come ? Well , since searchengines READ the posts , the found these specific words either in one post (the MSN post) or in a combination of 2 posts ( MSN and Bruno). Talk about disappointment for these pornsurfers when they got here.  So what is the conclusion ? Sex sells. So hello there fellow internauts looking for scandly clad girls behind webcams. I'm sorry to disappoint you but you might want to stick around and see if there is anything else you want to learn today. Cause lets face it .. there is more out there then just sex …. No wait … There isn't !




Closing the post the haunting thought dooms on me that , because I have used so many words like xxx, webcam, sex, porn, teenagers, slut, gay, hard, core and so forth.. This will probably get me in even more of these x-rated search results .. Oh well … Like the song says : The internet is for porn.

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