‘Refurbished’ music by Planet Boelex.

Nov 26

if you listen closely to every episode of the Knightwise.com podcast, you are in fact, very familiar with the artist mentioned above. Our outro track is known as ” Sisumies”, a collaboration between Mosaic and Planet Boelex. It’s been a little quit around Planet Boelex after his release of the wonderful album “Suntaa” , so we are very happy to report that there are new sounds emanating from the north as winter is coming. (Can you tell we are watching Game of Thrones  ?) Today we bring you the new track by Planet Boelex “Refurbished”  The track is available on bandcamp as a drm free and money free download.. So get it now.

You can support Planet Boelex by buying his albums online

“Refurbished” by Planet Boelex (Track).

“Suntaa” by Planet Boelex (Album).

“Various” by Planet Boelex. (Album)

Meanwhile , enjoy the full “without me blabbering over it” version of Sisumies.

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Planet Boelex "Forever and always".

May 21

Over at Knightwise.com we are big fans of Planet Boelex. Since I heard his track ‘Sisumies‘ I have completely fallen for the great tracks this artist puts out. Having mailed back and forth with Ossi (the artist) a couple of times I can say he’s not only a great artist but also an A-Ok guy who gave us permission to use the Sisumies track as the closing track on the Knightwise.com podcasts and screencasts. Todays track of the week is a track I personally use to wake me up every day. It is such a nice piece of music that slides me into the day and one of my other favorite tracks of the great Suunta Album. You can download the tracks for free, but don’t forget to send Ossi some love for his great work !

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