Yow Charlie ! Its your birthday.

Jun 10

Happy Birthday Nyana ! 

On the edge of real and cyberspace,  time is sometimes an issue. If we want it or not .. we all grow a day older every time the earth does its little pirouette. And everytime we make a homerun around the sun , another year goes by.



So too for our lovely Nyana , who is having her 29th birthday tomorrow. So if you wanna give her a shoutout , suck up to her .. or express your deepest condolences because she has to live with me 24 hours a day.. Let yoursellf go.

Shoot her an email via the 'CONTACT US form '  or call out a voicemessage trough the 'send a voicemail' link on the side.  Meanwhile .. I just wanna say from all of us here : Happy Birthday Nyana.

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