Beyond Borat there is Bruno !

Nov 13

And then there was Borat. 

Ok , Since the is on the 'loose' once again, we can do fun stuff as well. Time to cultivate your mind with the hottest and latest culty stuff thats going down. If you're not living on the moon, you probably heard of BORAT , the movie by the same guy who does Ali G about a journalist from Kazakhstan who does a tour of europe and the US. There has been a lot of fuss about this flick due to the fact that he kicks just about every country right in the nuts with his 'witty' remarks.

But now there is Bruno ! 

Well , next time you are around the watercooler, you can brag about BRUNO , the next  character of this very talented actor. His show Funkyzeit with Bruno deals with the adventures of a gay Austrian reporter touring the us. Now what happens if a fictional gay character runs into a bus of american gullable teens ? Check it out ! (Of course : Thanx to Codemonkey Rob for the link.)


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