Haaaiaaa … Sushi !!!!! Today we went out to wijnegem. One of the bigger malls in our region. The local tv station was organising a "family day" and paraded all of their favorite belgian soap actors around. We could not care less where it not that all the shops whew open too… So we can hang out in the mall like some teens do 🙂 . For dinner we went to this great wok-diner where you could get ALL kinds of asian food. So when i saw sushi on the menu… I had to try. Well.. Lets just say it was a very exotic experience. When we say raw fish.. Whe think of harings and clams and oysters and Dutch people. But the little plate i got, got me (besides the attention of the entire restaurabt) pink stuff that looked like ham , WAS fish but tasted like dishwasher detergent. Next up where tiny packages of rice, glued together with some kind of sweet oil, wrapped in seaweed and topped of with a peace of fish. But everything tasted different then it looked and it was quite an adventure. What i thought that was! a bug on my plate was in fact a little drop of mustard that was so spicy it would eat through the hull of the space shuttle in seconds. ( but it de-blanded the taste of some of the other stuff).So as my tummy is still figuring out if i'm gonna be sick tonight … My mind is made up.. Sushi ? Naaah no thanx.Ps : this entire post wa made with a treo 650 with a keyboard made for a centipede's little toe.. So forgive me for the typo's



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