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The stars shone brightly in the darkness of space. Their silver perfection apparent amids the blackness of eternity. Some might have found it beautiful, but not him. He hated them, loathed them..feared them. He had felt their icy breath as it had sublimated every single drop of moisture on his skin into ice. He had heard their silent screams eating away the thunder and  the fire until only silence remained. He had felt their steel grip as it wrestled the remaining air from his lungs. He had tried to fight, tried to scream.. but there was no escape. His limbs had jerked with the spasms of a dying man .. clinging to life.. clinging to revenge. He had died.. Or had he. His eye drifted away from the stars to take in these alien surroundings. hues of blue and white.. Devoid of the scents he knew, polluted with the tench of antiseptics. He tried to remember what had happened, where he was.. who he was. In his mind an image floated into reality. A star streaking across the sky. Making a wide elegant arch whose apex brought it closer and closer. The star was not shining at him.. it was coming AT him. Closer and Closer… screams.. alerts.. to be … or not …. to be. As the star became a blinding light his past overwhelmed him like a shock wave. Everything came back at once. His eye shot wide open, he gasped, gasped for air.. again. But this time the air came .. its sickening stench bursting up his nose into his longs.. Pain.. and a rattling cough. Shuddering like an earthquake his body rocked with a deep gurgling cough. He squinted.. saw blood spats taint the white sheet.. Reached to cover his mouth .. and found a bandaged stump of an arm rise from beneath the sheets. Blinking, he tried to kick free of the nightmare.. but the short bump beneath the sheet told him that his right  leg was decimated to half its size. He coughed.. fought the panic rising in his gut and drowned it out with the white hot rage that came from his memories. He would have his Revenge.. Would have his revenge… On him… with his last breath he bellowed the name of the one he hated, the one who had done this to him, the one whose lifeblood would taint his remaining hand.. KIIIIIIIRRRRKKKKK..
The was a whoosh of the door, a voice, calm and soothing. “Try to Relax general, everything will be ok..”  The stars lost their glimmer as darkness claimed him once more. There was only the hiss of the starfleet hypospray .. and then the stars shone no more.

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