As most of you know I’m kind of a Star Trek fan and many of my English writing skills come from reading English novels and literature. Most of these novels are Star Trek paperbacks, of which I have quite a collection. To get my mind off the constant overload of technology I decided to plant myself behind my Asus EEE pc and carefully peck out the first part of a little project I’m working on : My own little Trek fan fic. Don’t worry, its not going to be one of these ‘ Picard vs Kirk ‘ pieces of crap you find all over the net where you can smell a costumed fan sitting behind his computer yelling "make it so" This is my attempt to fondle with a period of Star Trek history that has always interested me. The time just after ‘The undiscovered country" where peace between the Klingons and the Federation is only just beginning and where loyalties are still not settled in on one side or the other. I’ll publish the next "parts" as I write them so you guys can tag along.

 Star Trek "Fallen Angels"

Star Trek "Fallen Angels" takes place 3 months after the initial Kithomer conference mentioned in Star Trek 6 "The undiscovered country".


The stars shone brightly in the darkness of space. Their glittering pinpoints of light a stark contrast to the inky blackness of deep space. No far stretching horizons, nor the abundance of color of a flowing field of poppies in the summer sun, The simple perfection of silver on black. Ultimate beauty in ultimate simplicity. “odd,” she thought, that she would notice such details amids the havoc that reigned all around her. I’m loosing it .. I’m going mad. But then again.. was madness in an insane world not considered normality ? In her peripheral vision a red glow pulsated off and on. She knew that the pulsing colors should have been accompanied by the blaring sounds of a red alert. But the only thing she heard was the pounding of her own heart. Vacuum did those kind of things. Steeling away the air for the sound waves to ride one, engulfing her in silence. stealing away the air .. Stealing away her friends .. her hope. All of it lost in an instant moment of explosive decompression. She stared out at the stars, Their lights beaconing her through the gaping hole that had once been the port section of the bridge. Now a gaping tattered and jagged black hole, razor sharp pettles of duranium curling out and inward. Was that a peace of uniform caught on there ? she did not want to know.

Looking down she realized she was still clutching the back of the captains chair. Its vacant seat pointing towards the gaping hole. And it was just as empty as the space beyond.. As the rest of the bridge. She prayed it was all just a bad dream.. and if it was not she wished it had happened swiftly.. for everyone on the bridge, For her captain. A voicecrackled in her helmets speakers. Sounding hesitant, in shock no doubt.. and also filled with fear. “ Gomez to Lieutenant Young “ she recognizedthe voice as coming from one of the ensigns that had bailed out on the very errand she was sent on. “ Go to the bridge, find out why they are not responding.. find out what happened” Well now she knew..didn’t she. “ Young here” she answered. “We have multiple casualties down here lieutenant,” Gomez continued. “ The chief .. the chief is dead, whats the status up there” She heard herself reply, her voice vacant of any emotion that could comprehend the horror of the situation. “ The bridgehas been exposed to space, everybody is gone.. the captain is … gone” “What do you mean .. gone” Gomez blurted out. Young continued.. words sliding out as if they where spoken by somebody else “as remaining senior officer..i’m assuming command of this ship” .

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