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Jul 13

senduitIf there is one thing I truly hate it must be attachments in Email. No seriously ? What the crap is up with that ! !  The Smtp protocol that blissfully shoves email all over the globe was invented a long time ago (in a galaxy not SO far away) by some genious ubergeek to help us all to "get along". Thanks to this brilliant person we can tell our wives we love them, tell our bosses we are to busy and tell our friends we have " A funny movie for them " . And it is definitely with the latter that I have s serious problem. What the crap happened over the last five to ten years with that ! One day Email used to be something damn good, something damn useful. Something that turned Telexes into paper weights, Faxes into oblivious office machinery and was the digital Saviour for the communication age that made the post office want to stick their heads through a noose.  For the life of me I can't even REMEMBER what a stamp tastes like. 

But all of a sudden this digital communication highway has been turned into the party train of the dumb. These days its "fashionable" to send eachother emails with 'Funny pictures', " Silly movies" and " Forward this otherwise Hotmail becomes a payed service '. Somewhere along the road the intellectual bottom fell out from under the Email system and it has now become the domain of the troglodytes who dare to call themselves ' a little tech savvy ' Forget teenagers who blab on the phone for hours on end. Here is the next incarnation of Cyber-turds who spend the best part of their (WORKING) day sifting through and forwarding all this junk email crap filled with 'Funny pictures'. They swamp up the bandwidth of the company, overload the emailservers, fill up the mailboxes and so on and so on. Email : Originally desinged for richt text communication has now become the donkey of this senseless load of crap people entertain themselves with. 

To those out there who dare send me stuff like that my reply is swift but cold : Stop or i'll get really mad. I don't care if its a cyber-savvy citizen who knows better or the first noob-on-the-block who actually thinks his digital sludge will make him rise on my social ladder. They all get the same treatment. Go eat up somebody else's bandwidth, fill up somebody else's mailbox and waste someone else's time. I don't carebear.

But there are some moments in life where you need to shove the proverbial elephant through the sucking straw called email. When you need to get this 23 megabyte file to the other side of the world. Moments in your life where you know that you have an FTP server you can stick it on but either you are to lazy to create a one-time account for this user. Or you know that between the two braincells needed for eating and peeing, and the two braincells needed for surfing porn, the poor guy would not have any brainpower left to figure out an FTP client (and for those of you who think you can access an ftp site with internet explorer : Wake up and smell the music)  So bless you sites like 'senduit" that allow you to upload a file to a server , stick it up there for a certain ammount of time and just send the magic link to whoever you want to send it to. Senduit gets the revenue by using adds on the download page and you are a happy camper. Seriously : I've sent this stuff to computer illiterates and guess what : It worked ! So long Email attachments, Hello Senduit. !

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