Seventh Son Book one all done.

Feb 02

One of the great things in having to "drive around" a lot, is that one
has the time to "listen"
. Over the last few weeks i’ve filled up my
Ipod with one excellent FREE audiobook called " Seventh Son " A short
description speaks for itself : " Three weeks ago, the U.S. president
was murdered by a four-year-old boy. Today, seven men stare at each
other in a locked conference room. Kidnapped and brought to this
underground facility, the strangers are sitting in silence,
thunderstruck. Despite minor physical differences, they all appear to
be the same man, with the same name … and the same childhood
memories. Unwitting participants in a secret human cloning experiment,
these seven "John Michael Smiths" have been gathered by their creators
for one reason — to capture the mastermind behind the president’s
assassination. Their target? The man they were cloned from; the
original John Michael Smith, code-named John Alpha
."  Sounds awesome
doesn’t it. The podcast is available through and offers you a nice exciting "listen" when you have the time. I"ve
greatly enjoyed the first book so far ( It takes up quite a bit of your
time, but is worth every second) Because its read by the author the
subtle lines of the story are not overlooked and its just like you are
there. I would surely recommend it. Even now I have to bite back the
urge to download books Two and Three from the series and listening
straight through to the end. But that would undoutably frack my
scheduled weekly podcasts I munch through. But for those of you looking
for excellent FREE audio drama  ? Go to

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