Pondering on the new Geek-core

Apr 13

With the move coming closer and closer, more an more cardboard boxes
are stacking themselves up around me. The spacious office upstairs has
been taken apart, and i have retreated to the living room, mounting my
macbook pro on a dodgy cheap-ass dinner table. But I am however into
full "planning" mode. The practicalities of the move are being taken
care of during the day, but in the evening its time for pondering over
my "next workstation setup" Moving house means saying goodbye to my
IKEA desk and looking for something new, and a for a new layout.

usual I’m faced with the ancient dilemma.
What to choose : A stark
minimalistic desk or an over-the-top "move over swordfish" kind of
computer core. If it where up to Nyana it would be stark and
minimalistic. If it where up to me .. well … lets just say that a
19inch Rittal Server rack would need to match the curtains. So you see
my dilemma.

The hard part is choosing between both "systems" I
am looking at a multi-monitor setup
( My Imac in the middle, 2 19” tft
screens on both sides) One screen hooked up to my Imac, One hooked up
to my linux system (probably my EEE-Pc). For the monitors I have bought
two stylish "monitor arms" that allow me to mount the monitors at
different angles and heights, so i’m not constrained in that factor.
The only downside is that i need an "extra" keyboard and mouse to
control the Linux system. No I know you say I could use "Synergy" where
i can use one keyboard and mouse to control both systems, but since i’m
running them on a mac and a linux system I need to set everything up
via the commandline. Synergy is cool when it works, but is a bummer
when it borks.

On the other hand I still have some extra "studio
equipment "
that I need to set up for the podcast production and stuff
like that. My Midi keyboard my mixer and my microphone. Bart Baush has
been kind enough to order me one of those "pro boom arms" like they use
in the studio for mounting my Condenser mike. So it will not be in my
way when I don’t need to record.

The bummer is : The more
"functionality" that you add to your workstation, the easier you can
have ‘all the power at your fingertips’ BUT the more clutter you have.
And the more clutter you have the harder it becomes to concentrate on
one task. I have gone for the "minimalistic" approach before. The
slimmed down desk with just a monitor and a keyboard visible gave me
the ability to focus and be productive.  So its going to be a choice
between setting up all the gear I need, but not over-cluttering the
entire setup. 

Some ground rules I do need to lay down are the following.

– Keyboard and mouse MUST be placed directly on the desk (no pull-out thingie)

– Monitors must be slightly elevated for maximal ergonomic use.

– Cabling must be allmost invisible

– Desk must have enough space to place extra laptop if needed.

– Workstation must have clear view of the room (i’m NOT watching a wall)

– Setup must be easy to maintain and to alter.

– Lighting must be indirect to avoid reflection. 

i’m surfing Lifehacker and Flickr and shooting some screenshots to give
me some idea’s as to how ‘my new digital core’ will look like.


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