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Dec 23

It might be something you can cataloge on the fringes of Blasphemy, but nonetheless its a great application. Perhaps one of THE missing applications when it comes to my Linux installation. How about a way to graphically control your Linux desktop from any pc or mac ? Yes I know i’m giving you old news.




The wondrous application of VNC is already there to provide us with such an exact service. Its a sure fire way to control any Mac Linux and Windows desktop FROM any Mac Linux or Windows Desktop. The only downside is that VNC is, beside from being horribly slow, also terribly insecure (by default). There is of course the ability of securing VNC with Tightvnc or piping the whole sh-bang through an SSH tunnel. But that would be working for technology (instead of the other way around). So thanx to the guys of Freshubuntu I was introduced to OpenNx (and their free cross platform client NXfree) that will tunnel your remote sessions through SSH and scramble them with a 128 bit key.  Sales bling here : "
A complete solution for remote access to your Unix workstation. It allows 2 concurrent
users to connect no matter what their location is, and share the desktop. NX Free Edition
is incredibly easy to install and run, leverages the competence and quality of the
company that makes NX and, most importantly, is free forever.
" I’m going to see if I can do some playing around with this sweet little toy and keep you up to date with the results. But in the meantime, if you want to tinker along .. Try NXfree along with me !

Link : The NXfree website. 

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