New website Done !

May 05

 New website in full swing.

Codemonkey It has been a roller coaster ride, but i'm very happy to say : The new website is UP ! It took me quite some time to figure everything out but as I am in the stages of ironing out all the final errors .. I'm very very pleased. Why the new site ? Well , for one because its much more interactive. The old site ( whose design inspired THIS site of course ) was very nice but did not offer enough in terms of interactivity, archiving options, searching options and so forth PLUS the fact it was very hard to manage. I needed a website I could manage from just about any operating system, and from just about any computer for that. Law and behold : On came JOOMLA. Joomla is a content management system , which , as i said in the podcast a few weeks ago, is a nice word for an unga-munga super-website-diesel-engine. It lets me do the design of the site, the managing of the content and basicaly everything else … on the web. No more uploads and downloads with ftp. Just a big administration console on the web and hopla !  But great thanx goes to Codemonkey Rob who pointed me towards this system and helped valiantly in setting it up. As I swung between victory and despair trying to figure out the basics of the system WITHOUT a manual (just pure deductive thinking dear Watson) He helped behind the 'screens' and did all the extra codework. So thank you codemonkey Rob !

New and improved

Here are some new functionalities you can use on 'The Knightsite'

  • Sort articles by genre ( Cult and Chaos, Life as we know it,  Tech-Time and Podcasts)
  • Search through articles.
  • Comment on Articles
  • Listen Live to the podcasts.
  • Shoot us Email via the CONTACT US form.
  • Send us a VOICEMAIL using the 'send me a voicemessage'
  • Skype us.
  • Shout in our shoutbox
  • Take the poll
  • Check out other newsfeeds
  • much much more.

(The artwork above is by LEN from Jawboneradio , Get this (and more) stuff on a T-shirt by going to HERE and make shure you visit JAWBONERADIO.


Not only did the new Dr Who series start on BBC , I mysellf have become some sort of timelord. Going back and copy-pasting old posts from 2004 and 2005 to the new blog have sent me spiraling through time and space mysellf. Its wierd to read through ones own memories.. But fun nonetheless. Speaking of our favorite timelord : Here is the site  

But : Knightwise gets around. 

Thepaintedbody Along with the whole overhaul (that will hopefully be finished by next monday , I mysellf am on an international promo tour around the web. Several sites have linked us up after the EMJ festival ( see podcast number 28 , life as a podcaster) I've been appearing on Kevin Mason's

Coloring outsite the lines. in an interview about my good old days as a Dj. Be sure to check out Kevins work , as th is guy is a proffesional body painter. Okay you pervs, whipe dry those drooling chins, this guy is an artist ! (and a podcasting artist for that , so go have a looksee.  Next up I had the pleasure of appearing on Jawbone Radio , one of my favorite non technology related podcasts. A fantastic hour of hilarious banter between Nora and Len who for some reason resemble Me and Nyana ( The Fantastic Wife living with the Uber-Geek) They did a live show  this week, But due to the difference in timezones it was impossible for me to make it and call in . But we thought of a little solution, tune in and listen how hilarity ensued. 

And to top it all of we got a fantastic review on Roosters Rail and we let the quote speak for itself :    " …. and he has a podcast called the Knightcast. It is a great quality podcast; hell he uses VBR encoding at high bit rates – bandwidth must be cheap in Bulgaria! Plus I think his accent is cool. "  Besides the fact that good old Dave thought I was Bulgarian , in my humble opinion I think he's right on the money.



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