Meet Major Kira.

Dec 31

Meet the newest addition to the family.
We adopted a new little kitten called Keira.
Keeping in line with the "Star Trek DS9" naming convention for our
pets. (Our dog is called Neelix) we have converted the name to .. KIRA
( As in "Major Kira ") Somehow her personality matches that of the major
as she is serving in a foreign environment, but still kicks ass.
(Neelix has had a run in with her claws). But the rest of the time she
is super-sweet.

In this picture you see her, clearly assimilated
by the Borg and boasting two bright green eyes. After the shot was
taken she tried to assimilate the camera and has turned the shoebox
into a small borg cube. It took 2 Galaxy class starships and a RactaJino to calm her down. Some cat !



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