Make it Happen ! : You decorate my office.

Jan 11



If the internet is about ONE single thing, then it must be about "interaction". About finding out new things on the net thanx to your peeps. About inspiring people, showing people the way and so forth. The whole interweb is one big interactive community that constantly influences eachother. So why stop at the edges of your screen.

In my new office ‘ Nicely dubbed ‘The laundry room’ by some of my Twitter followers’ I’ve put up some frames and hung up some pictures to make the whole place nice and cosy. I have however left an ‘open spot’ in my decorations for a little social experiment. I’ve put up 3 little picture frames on the wall directly next to where I sit. I have however , on purpose put NOTHING in them yet. Why  ? Well ,  because I’m not going to decide whats gonna be in them : Its up to you guys ! Yes YOU can decide what will become the content of these three catchy picture frames that are going to be in full view AND are going to be "in the shot" whenever I need to record a video-segment for KWTV. 

There are a few parameters. It has to be something that’s at least a little family safe, It has to be in "picture format" (they aren’t hung in landscape mode) and Nyana gets a veto wether or not its gonna be on the wall. (She IS the Style Guru of the house) But for the rest : Its a free for all. Whatever you send it ( picture , drawing etc) should be something YOU yourself have made and you can sign it with your name on the bottom. So help me decorate the office and … become a part of the "Wall of fame".

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