pipeFor the last few days I have been thinking about the concept of Lifestreaming. A way of aggregating all the things I do online into one big stream. A collection of my articles , podcasts, tweets (quite a few of them lately), video’s, bookmarks, comments.. Would be very cool to have them all poured into one giant RSS feed that people could subscribe to. Some of you might think its not really interesting to have an rss Update whenever Knightwise farts on the internet, but still. For me it would be a cool way to aggregate all the content I have into one stream of information that I could pipe through to the website. Lately there have been so many services out there that I use, Twitter, Foxmarks, Google reader, Youtube, Flickr… A recent invite to Seesmic.com (thanx GGP) has added yett another channel of expression to my whole slew of logins and passwords.

One of the Services that might be able to help me out is Yahoo Pipes. In the wise words of Peter Nikolaidis I shall name it ‘RSS Routing’. Yahoo Pipes is like a filter service that allows you to connect all your RSS feeds together, run filters on them and end up with one big master feed. (Piping in Linux means using the output of one command as the input of another command) I have been tinkering with it for a few days now but fail to get it working just right. Whenever I enter a site or service that has "multiple" rss feeds, Yahoo Pipes borks on the fact that there is both and Atom and an RSS feed, instead of just giving me one of the two. But i"m sure I’ll work that out pretty soon. For those of you who want to give Yahoo pipes a try, its great to aggregate all your major feeds, set a filter to "weed out" the duplicates, and stick the resulting pipe into your RSS reader.  Great stuff to filter our the massive wave of information coming our way everyday.



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