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Jul 04



Random Chat πŸ™‚  


Starring Daniel (Captain Command line) dropping in after seeing my Ubuntu Desktop screenshot. 

(08:41:03 PM) Turner: no way!
(08:41:10 PM) Turner: a mac OS X cross with ubuntu!
(08:41:13 PM) Turner: awesome dude!
(08:41:18 PM) Knightwise: Vista background !
(08:41:30 PM) Knightwise: its a standard Gdesklett
(08:45:24 PM) Turner: where'd you get it at ?
(08:45:39 PM) Knightwise: Gdesklets
(08:45:46 PM) Turner: ahh
(08:46:40 PM) Knightwise: I thought : WHy not swear in church πŸ™‚ ' Vista wallpaper , Ubuntu OS , Apple Toolbar'
(08:46:50 PM) Turner: haha πŸ˜€
(08:48:12 PM) Turner: ahh church…
(08:48:19 PM) Turner: I haven't been in one of those in YEARS
(08:48:23 PM) Turner: horrible places
(08:48:27 PM) Turner: so oppressive
(08:48:27 PM) Knightwise: me neither
(08:48:48 PM) Turner: you will neal and pray
(08:48:51 PM) Turner: fuck
(08:48:52 PM) Turner: that
(08:48:53 PM) Turner: shit
(08:49:10 PM) Turner: I'm not nealing on that dirty floor to say voodoo magic to something that doesn't exist
(08:49:57 PM) Knightwise: spoken like a true atheist πŸ™‚
(08:49:59 PM) Turner: lol
(08:50:21 PM) Turner: why thank you, I do adhere to the principals of logic and reason :p
(08:51:10 PM) Turner: and you know something?
(08:51:17 PM) Turner: I went to a catholic church as a child
(08:51:22 PM) Turner: until I was about 8 years old
(08:51:28 PM) Knightwise: Admit it !
(08:51:32 PM) Knightwise: you're a vulcan !
(08:51:35 PM) Turner: lol

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