Nov 08

A strange shift in the way I use my computers has occurred over the last few weeks. Something that comes kind of unexpected, more so because its one of the main reasons I use computers : Communication, or, in my case : The lack of the latter. I have come to the shocking conclusion that Instant messaging programs like Aduim (that manages my ICQ, MSN and Googletalk accounts) and good old faithful Skype have found themselves drastically neglected over the last few weeks. My IM-buddy list that used to enjoy a sweet spot up in the right-hand corner of my widescreen monitor has been denied its right to start upon boot, The Skype Icon in my dock seldom bounces up and down as its coming online..  What’s going on ? Am I falling of the social-web radar ? Disappearing from the interactive part of the web  ? Are the virtual pathways no longer alive with the chatter of Knightwise ?


Far be that from the truth. The one thing I have been using more and more is my trusty email. With Google announcing the whole Imap story I’ve found the perfect medium for managing all my "affairs" with the people I interact with online. And the website has taken on a new way of letting me talk to people, the comment field underneath these articles always has somebody chatting away about something. I love that feature ! 🙂

But the demise of direct instant communication has a lot to do with me being totally overloaded with work and stuff to do. At the moments that I AM home behind the computer, I just love to just "get things done" Post producing a podcast, getting a video ready for KWtv, even writing a blogpost : It demands quite a bit of my attention and in the limited amount of time that I have, those interruptions (no matter how well intended they are) are just too much. Once you get to a certain degree of "interactive saturation" where you know X-amount of people online, its hard to get through 30 straight minutes of activity without being interrupted. Don’t get me wrong : I’m a very social guy and just love to talk to my online buddies (i have a broader social circle online where I am a little timid in real life). But sometimes one just has to get things done.

So all in all , I hope that, during the distant future, i’ll find a bit more time to chat to people and be a bit more social in the virtual part of my existence. I just wish there was a way to use Skype in the car. That would give me two hours of every day .. to be a bit more social 🙂


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