How Geeks do Ikea.

Apr 21

Whow .. That was another busy weekend as we prep and prod to get the whole move on the way. Can’t believe its all going so fast. Even today I am beginning to realize that this will probably be the last "Monday-evening" we’ll have in our house here. By this time next week we will probably be lugging boxes around. We don’t know when exactly we are going to "move our bed" and get our first night in the new crib, but its probably going to be like Nyana said : When the computers move .. we move :). Meanwhile geeky tools are helping us out in our little planning scheme. Shopping at Ikea for some of our furniture and using a pinch of Google has brought me to several cool websites where we can out the entire furniture layouts. ( Resulting in detailed shopping lists AND a 3D view of what its going to look like. ) If I need to think out of the box I’ll just browse through the articles at Ikea Hacker : Going nuts at IKEA ? Don’t visit that site ! Cause it will only make it worse.  With all of these tools ? Who needs pen and paper when you have these things. 

Ikea Pax Planner.

Ikea Billy Planner.

Ikea Fans.

Ikea Hacker.

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