Now here is an interesting article I found. Its kinda tying in with the whole "Overload Reset Reboot" article I wrote earlier. I’m a big Java lover. Lets face it : Coffee is to me something that is something that is as common as the light of day. Beside it being a caffeine drink that I need in the morning just to get me started ( question mark will be invoked later) its also a drink that I enjoy greatly  ( please pass me that double creamy latte with sugar over there). Somehow .. Sitting down with a cup of coffee gives me an excuse to relax and forget the rush a little while. My hands wrapped around a comforting cup of joe .. enjoying the warmth of the mug to dance in between my cupped hands .. Oh bliss ! 

I have however been kicking the habit of drowning to lumps of sugar into the same cup (Two lumps one cup anyone ?) in favor of just one. At work I try to keep the brown sludge that rises from the coffee machine (lets not call this coffee, shall we) to just two cups a day. But on regular visits to friends family and sometimes clients the cup of java that seeps in between the lines seems to be obligatory.

Great was my surprise when I read this article." How I quit drinking coffee" According to this self proclaimed scientist coffee is good for procrastination (the worst of all evils) and makes you depressed. Complaining to my doc about having a stressful life, triggered his response that, no matter how creamy I made my coffee, the cow does not chase away the bean and the caffeine (with all its evil powers) is still in the mug. So what if this theory is true. What if the soul fuel that drives the European side of the IT professional army (cause we don”t have alkaline or mountain dew) is in fact on of its major factors of stress. Must we sip tea (Earl Grey) to become more in tune with our inner zen ? Must we walk by Starbucks without giving it a second glance ? I dread the day that I must.

But in all fairness. I have come to the conclusion I drink far too little fluids, and that most of the liquids I get do come in a brown form. So I could perhaps be on the upper scale of the graph indicated on the article. More water, more tea.. Les procrastination..  I’ll start on monday .. Oh boy .. i’m procrastinating already.. Stupid coffee.. Oh look ! There’s god ! 

Link to the Article : How I quit drinking coffee 

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