Digital Overload.

Feb 03

For those of you who have been waiting for the next episode of the Knightcast podcast, I am indeed overdue. Where I had put out a steady stream of episodes over the last few months, the holidays, and the aftermath of the festive season have been less than inspiring for my “frequent production schedule”.

The main reason for such a “drop” in creative output can mostly be found by using the excuse that “life got in the way”. Juggling a busy job, a new puppy, a social life and a time consuming online lifestyle does make for a challenging calendar schedule, but nothing I can’t handle.

So why the slew ? Well, to be quite frank : I think i’ve come to the point where i’m slightly  ” overloading ” in my online lifestyle. Where the stream of information and communications I need (or want) to keep up with not only is starting to make steam come of of my ears, it is also completely destroying my creative urges (and the patience I need to turn that creative itch into something real and satisfying.

At first, I thought I was the only person with this problem. I talked
to some friends (as a matter a fact to my Chiropractor who does wonders
with my locked up back) and he did suggest to me that clocking up 24
000 km’s in 4 months + consuming a busload of content (podcasts –
websites – information etc) everyday is quite a heavy load for any

So when I (during one of my many long drives) had a chance
to think about it, I was pretty surprised to find that I do in fact am
nearly drowning in the information stream and it IS having its effect on

Tired, (physically and mentally), agitated restless and
distracted, are just some of the terms my immediate environment
mentioned when they described me. And I can only agree with them. For
some reason this “Connected lifestyle” that lets me communicate,
interact, consume and create content and information .. is getting a
little out of hand.

Aside from the terms mentioned above, the
thing that is most noticeable is the  complete erosion of my
concentration span. Whenever I try to sit down and (try) to write up an
article, (or even an email or something) my attention span is becoming 
shorter and shorter. This to the point where its nearly impossible for
me to create a blogpost from my browser without clicking around in a few
tabs and completely losing my trail of thought. Without noticing I end
up in the ” triangle of no-life ” where I tab around my twitter feed
(and random links posted by people i follow), my Facebook feed, the
website of the local newspaper and back again. ( And repeating the
process at least twice before I even start to notice it).

: Where I used to enjoy reading books on my Sony E-reader it now lies
(discharged and abandoned) in a corner in favor of my Ipad on which I
can read the same content. However, no books have been completed on the
ipad as i’m constantly distracted by its multitasking abilities,
disruptions of my attention span by incoming tweets or email .. or the
seductive urge to open up a browser and browse around without going
anywhere in particular.

The paradox of it all is that in our
constant quest to let “technology work for us” we have somehow ended up
at the opposite side of that very quest. Where our lifestyle is affected
by our constant connection to information, where our interactions are
affected by our constant ability to communicate,   where the the goal to
“let technology work for us” has US working for that technology

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