graphIf I where to draw a graph of the amount of digital content that I have consumed and contributed to the net these days, one could easily say that i'm kind off on a "low streak" at the moment. Very true. Updates of the site are a bit on the late side and my voice has not been heard in a podcast over the last few weeks. Don't panic however. I'm just adjusting to new changes in my life and need to get used to new paces and new routines. I'll give all of you a quick update on whats been going down these days.

 Leaving the GGP. Yep, For those who had not noticed it : The Global Geek Podcast now sails without its Window-Washing Vista-hating Balmer-bloating host. It was a decision not taken lightly but over the last few weeks I was just getting swamped in stuff that "had to be done" The GGP takes a lot of time to produce and both Dave and Tim put hours and hours of work into it. Due to a tight schedule, I had a hard time making the recording windows ( not to mention that I didn't have any time to chip in on the blog, the pre and post production) and so on. So before the podcast started becoming "yet another thing I HAD to do" I thought it was best to call it quits. I loved working with these guys and loved doing the show.. but in the end It should be something we all enjoy, not something that "needs to be done before x PM tonight. I have plenty of things that "need to be done" as it is. 

ipodThere has also been a downfall of the number of podcasts I consume. Because I don't have to be on the pinnacle of whats happening in Cyberspace every day anymore, I decided to cut into my list of subscribed podcasts. Due to a change in position at work I don't have time to listen to the podcasts AT work, So now I only have the morning and evening commute to tune into my Pod and listen what has been said. So a lot of stuff went out. Most amazingly some of it was what could be concidered "prime content" : TWIT for example. Over the last few months I had become increasingly irritated with the ego-maniacism and total lack of content of the Twit show. To me it was all sounding a little bit too much like Radio. Clear, cookie cut content with crisp sound , zero quality and more importantly : Zero credibility. Its an Illness a lot of podcasts seem to suffer these days : Everybody wants to sound professional, All crisply compressed, no ambient noise, no kids running around downstairs and most importantly : NO PERSONALITY.  And when a podcast turns into yet-another-washed-out-radio-show i'm done with it. The reason podcasting attracted me is because of the level of "reality" that they carry. Real people living real lives, real geeks talking about real stuff they care about.  But hey .. thats how it goes they say.  So i've leveled my subscriptions down to a number that I can barely manange into my "listening time" and "au contraire" to the months before : I don"t feel guilty when I skip an episode. The one thing I have noticed is that I am starting to listen to music now and then. Giving my brain a rest and my emotions a little playtime. Its amazing to suddenly be remembered of the inspirational power of music and I greatly enjoy it.

dvorakBefore I sign off I want to thank the guyz at PodcastJunky for their Great Article : "Comings and Goings"  where little old me gets mentioned with the great John C Dvorak .. all in one article. Thanx guyz !

First of all, I’m sure many of you who listen to the Global Geeks podcast will miss Knightwise as a regular contributor to the show.  Still, Tim has settled in well with Dave and we’ve been promised that Knightwise will make the odd contribution every so often. Knightwise… we’ll miss you. As one door closes, another door opens…… letting in John C. Dvorak to Adam Curry’s podshow network.





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