Crawling back on the wagon.

It feels like ages since I’ve been here. Pounding out words on a keyboard and sending them up to the internets. Well, I guess that is life, right? Sometimes things get “in the way” and before you know it months fly by and you haven’t touched your blog at all. Shame really. Especially considering this year marks the 20th anniversary of the website (there were some proto forms before that that, but those were built with Frontpage or Dreamweaver. Well as long as it doesn’t have an RSS feed it doesn’t count, right ?

Funny thing, writing about technology. In those two decades (that count as millennia in tech-time) a lot has changed. Technology has gotten faster, more ubiquitous more available and easier to use. Yet the things I create with technology have slowly declined. My creative exploits that used to dot the internet like bright colored splashes of paint have become rarities for when I find the time, the urge or the inspiration. I wonder what is causing this.

One of the reasons is that the original “” mission needs to be redefined. Somehow finding ways to tie multiple platforms together, trying to span the digital ecosphere as a “cross platform geek” is slowly becoming irrelevant. Yes, open standards are still important and we should be aware of being “locked in”. But get a webbrowser and a cloud service and you can pretty much do anything on anything these days, like running Doom in a bacteria.

So I have been ruminating about my new mission, about the new direction should take and have found the answer in the very thing holding me back from creating stuff in the first place: Technology. Over the last two decades, the abundance, ubiquity, complexity and connectivity of technology has created a source of static hiss in my head, dissolving ideas before they can become reality by pounding them to grit with notifications, distractions and never ending scrolling screens filled with muck and doom.

It might sound gloomy, but this digital mulch that has become my daily reality is starting to foster the seeds of a new beginning. Of a new idea where I stay true to the original mantra ‘let technology work for you’ but slowly decompose the “cross platform geek” to make room for something new.

I’ll keep you posted….

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