Real star trek fans will be outraged when they see the title to this
. On the contrary to popular beliefs, that line was never uttered
in any star trek show. But it"s not of the Star Trek TOS show that I want to speak today. (Or perhaps just a little bit). Today I officially present the newest member of the family : say hello to Scotty.
This 12 week old crossbreed between a Mini Schnautzer and a mini Malteser has beamed down into the Knights castle to take care of the silence that was so omnipresent in our house after Neelix passed away.

" A new puppy ? So soon ? " some might say. But let me explain. First of all : Scotty is not with us to ‘replace’ Neelix.
The grief for our departed little friend is still there, and every day
we think of him and are reminded, in a 1000 little things just how much
he was a part of our lives. His collar is tied to the apple tree
outside, to remind us that he will always be with us. But letting the
silence reign after his departure wasn’t helping anyone. Its strange
how you become "used" to things. Used to having some little four-legged
buddy bounce up and down with joy whenever you get home, used to go out
for walks with your k9 friend, used to having an extra passenger in the
car whenever you went somewhere.

Those were the reasons on
which we decided to bring another puppy in our life
, to take upon us
the care for another pet. Because quite frankly : that’s what its all
about. Taking good care of the pets you have and returning all of their
undivided love and attention.

So we looked out into the Starfleet Records of the interwebs for a new crew member with his or her own typical personality. A crewmember
with  his or her own unique look & feel. Not long after that we
came upon the record of this raven black little pup who sports a big
mustache and a curly tale. Keeping in track with the "star trek naming
convention" we quickly came up with the name "Scotty" and not much later he beamed down into our life.

Scotty is young, playfull,
adventurous and loves nothing more then to sleep, play, crap little
brown turds and chase Kira the cat around the house without mercy nor
His compact little form gives us the ability to take him
along anywhere in the glove compartment of our car where he happily
sits until we arrive at our destination. But he does prefer to fall
asleep on our lap.
Needless to say you’ll be hearing, and seeing quite a lot of Mr Scott in the time to come. Welcome aboard little friend.

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