I could say life has been getting in the way, I could say I have been busy with work, I could say I’ve been abducted by aliens. But only two out of those three statements would be correct. The truth is I’ve been getting a masters degree in procrastination and have been a bad bad blogger. So without further ado, lets kick back into rattling on the keyboard. Quite a bit has been going down the last few weeks, and you’ll be pleased to know that i’ve been working on some new projects and some new technology to "tune into your way of life". Its not always easy to find ‘new stuff’ to talk / podcast / screencast about, but the last few weeks of silence have brought up some interesting topics that we can talk about in the upcoming weeks. For those of you who realy want their "Knightwise-Fix" to trickle into their digital vains on a daily basis you can always check out my twitter feed (that is very active) on www.twitter.com/knightwise

But before we kick off into the new  series of articles and stuff, I want to take a moment to wish my good friend Dave Gray a " Get well Soon " from the heart. He’s my long time digital friend and we’ve been co-hosting both the Global geek and the Aussigeek podcast for a few years now. He’s had some serious health issues the last couple of weeks and all our hearts and thoughts go out to Dave and his family. So "Get Well Soon " buddy !


But since one picture is kinda dull, I decided to rally up some more Belgians to wish Dave Well . Its amazing how friendly, loving and caring all of them where. You can join in and send your own picture to the AGP Forums here

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