OUch ! allmost a month since I last updated  ! Not good at all. Lets just start off with the usual crap wishing everybody merry Christmas, happy new year and all that jazz. With all the holidays over, the Christmas lights boxed up and the plastic reindeer in quarantine we can do away with all the festive nonsense and get on with it. Before I start over on my daily rant, I just want to give you guys a few quick updates about whats goin down.


realLife update : One of the things frequent listeners to the Knightcast and the Knightwise.com website know , is that we have had a hard time keeping our house over the last few years. We bought our place three years ago and starting ten months after the purchase we've been haunted by real estate developers who want to tear down half the street and build an apartment complex here. After doing negotiations for two years with several of these developers in order to get a good deal for our house, the city of Hasselt has finally decided that its NOT going to happen. Any one-family house smaller then 250 square meters is not to be torn down in favor of some real estate jockey who wants to plant the next empire state building in the hart of our town. So thats actually good news. It means that we can stay in our house and finish up our renovations. So we are very happy about that.

New years resolution : I just have one new years resolution this year , and the effects are hopefully going to be noticed. This year I want just a little more time for little old me. I know its a classic , but if you see that it has been almost two months since I've been able so take some time out for myself , sit down and have a coffee in a cafe somewhere while reading a book or typing up a post ..  you can imagine how hectic my life is. I'm on the road a lot and when I am not at work or commuting to or from work , my Google calendar looks more like the "twister" mat then the pale blue it should resemble if all of my free time was indeed "free time" So this year I have some things planned. I have some classes I would like to take, have my bachelors degree in telecommunication to finish of and I want to have time to sit down and drink an occasional cup of coffee , while staring at a blanc google calendar. More ME time .. (or is that "mii" time)

Speaking of Mii's (and not wanting to rant about the Wii once more) I'm happy to say that we took the Wii to our family diner over Christmas. And let me just tell you If you guyz think Nyana is scary while boxing, her little sister is even worse. As a Tae-Kwon-Do Black-belt fighter she is not only ultra cute in her evening wear , she also has fists that fly like rockets. Thus when I played Wii-Tennis against her .. all hell broke loose and my little Mii's had so scramble for cover. I'll include a picture.


Podcasting : I always forget to mention : But the Geek is up ! After a 2 week hiatus you can enjoy the Global Geek Podcast episode 33 over at www.globalgeekpodcast.com and hear me and Dave rant in the new year. The presence of episode 33 of the GGP makes me look at the sad score of the Knightcast podcast , its been another few weeks since i've gotten an episode out and i'm not sure if i'll be able to ship one soon. The calendar is just booked full . With production time for the GGP growing (cause there is work to be done , can"t let my buddy Dave do EVERYTHING) my free time is dwindling away. So i've been toying with the idea of letting the Knightcast gently podfade away into the Globalgeek podcast, where you (thanx to Dave) can enjoy a rock solid weekly dose of tech news.



Rounding up.  Gotta dash to work my friends , hope you enjoy this little post and i'll see you guyz and galls tomorrow !

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