Babylon burns on….

Feb 04

Its not realy my day. Allthough I had half a day off from work i've been running around like crazy trying to get everything sorted out that needs to be done. And there is shit flying everywhere. To top it all off my Ibook has arrived, but with the wrong keyboard. I'm sitting prepped up next to the phone for the shop to ring that everything is in order and that i can pick up the ibook tomorrow… but no such luck I guess. Meanwhile Babylon continues to burn and I try franticly to keep the fire from our Island of snow. I've been spending some time at my parents place these days, helping out and stuff.. And I am still amazed at how fast and how firmly this plave puts me down. I feel like a kid again.. and … I didn't have a happy childhood. And now the responsability of the child towards the elder comes into play. And part of me just can't cut it.

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