This is not going to be one of these posts where I need to start of with an apology and stuff like that. Reason I have not been blogging away eagerly has to do with the holiday season. This time of year reeks havoc with my "general order of events" and tends to drain away quite a lot of my energy and perkiness about existence in general.

Brake it down in a few words ?  I’m a grumpy man when the holiday season comes around. I thought I would get over it but I don’t. I don"t like all this Christmas shit. I never have and probably never will. The day I’ll bust out of my house on Christmas morning in my pijama’s shouting ‘merry Christmas everyone" will hopefully never arrive. I hereby warn the three ghosts of Christmas to save their energy and keep the frack away from me.

My peeve with this time of year ? The "holiday spirit" whatever that may be. A feeling of warm fuzziness that makes you feel joy and peace towards fellow men, and makes you a better person kind of shit. What it actually turns into is this mass hysteria that seems to invade peoples minds where they discard any sense of style, decorate their house with lights, put on a silly Santa hat and go shopping like there is no tomorrow.

So never mind the fact that the Christians celebrate the time their lord was born. Who gives a frack. Its all about father ‘coca cola’ Christmas and the feast of overspending. Like mad we are dashing out to buy Christmas presents for people who have everything, take the crap and shove the crap in a box. Next we HAVE to have Christmas dinner with the family (also a punishment by itself) where exchange boxes of crap with other idiots and end up with stuff all of us don’t really want. Who wins ? The stores do !

Next up its time to over-eat on turkey and what have you and complain afterwards we have eaten to much. So by the time this stressfull feast is over and we are still wretching on some kind of horrible turkey stuffing, its time to get stressed about new year. Cause new year needs to be special .. who is gonna invite who ? It has to be expensive etc etc..

By the time this hysterical behavior has finally ended we are well into the new year and are patching up our credit card debts thinking what the frack came over us. Good riddens I say.

My point ? That I am amazed at how people ride this commercially driven wave like their is no tomorrow. Every year we look at " a Christmas carol " and smile when cold hearted Scrooge is blessed by Tiny Tim. While in truth we are sitting in our recliners, belly full of food as other tiny Tims continue to wait for the real Scrooge.

So for Christmas I wish everybody to have an attack of their conscience.

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