Just a quick one today, because time is short. Started work a hour later today but decided not to sleep in. Had a nice time just sitting behind my Ibook , cappuchino in hand and the on-line moment of peace when there is absolutely no one on line to bug you 🙂 Nyana thought there where burglars in the house when she got up and found me still walking around the house (poor thing). zipped up to work in broad daylight accompanied by some podcasts to keep me up to speed. I'm probably going to drop my subscription on the madge weinstein show : www.yeastradio.com. Allthough its a nice anti-bush rant from time to time its getting to disorganised for my taste (and i like my podcasts tight and tidy). Looking forward to the weekend. Not that there is a lot of spare time to relax, there are still some fun things on the agenda. Going out browsing for my new (company) car on saturday and probably will end up couch-lounging on sunday. No matter , as long as i'm with the girl I love. Today i've posted a few pictures on the blog that make me feel 'at home'. Living the life of a cyber-gipsy it's sometimes important to have these pictures around. They make me feel at ease , happy , relaxed.. In other technotalk : I've been looking at a way to incorporate this blog into the main www.knightwise.com website. No luck as yett, allthough I have found out a great deal as to how SWIFT would be able to do it. Its a little complicated to get things just the way I want them. But we will keep on trying. Perhaps a peace of Marjoleins Cake (the one she bakes for her family) will give me some inspiration (hint !)

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