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Feb 27

 It has been a few weeks since I posted , and lets just start of with saying thank you to everyone who has been nagging and pushing me to get some more stuff done on the site. I appreciate it 🙂 I wish I could whisk away the delay in posting with a “busy busy” excuse, but its a little bit more then that. Sure I have had stuff to do. But more importantly I have taken some time “off” , some time “out of the net”, “Off the grid”.  Strange as it may seem i have had a strange couple of weeks. Days where I have traded blog-posting for sitting down with a cup of tea and think things over, Where the endless routine of listening to podcasts has been interrupted by listening to a beautiful cd with classical music (over and over again). Where hours of chatting and surfing where replaced by some (god forbid) couch lounging and watching DVD's.  A mental spindown of my internal harddrive.. A recompiling of my own network-attached stack if you please.

All in all , a catharsis to stand back and smell the first impressions of spring tingle in the air. A time for teaching myself what relaxing and regaining focus is all about. Where mental peace was found in meticulously doing the most simple things : Slowly making tea , watching the water boil.. adding sugar, listening to the sound of the hissing water, smelling the aroma .. feeling the heat of the cup. This “zero-ing-in” on the most simplest of things has been a very relaxing experience and has given me some time to “recharge”.To recharge and think about what I want in life, both in real and cyberspace. Contemplating stuff that is going in my life, my work, my website, my podcast and much more. Its healthy to take some time of, if only to make final decisions on things you have been putting of for a while. To stop and smell the sindered air of your own over clocked internal processor and for once give it a chance to cool down.

So I've come to the point where I made some things clear for myself. For one : I want to enjoy the real world a little more. Its been ages since I last went for a bike ride, much too long since i've paddled through the empty fields of my hometown. And these are the moments were I can dig up some inspiration. Secondly I want to take a look at my future : Doing a website, 2 podcasts, keeping the finger on the pulse of whats happening on line, writing articles, keepin in touch with people on-line and maintaining my own system + those of friends and family (together with a full time job) make it pretty hard to find some time to study. And “learning” new things is paramount in my line of work. Not only do I crave knowledge, I urgently need to get my degree in telecommunications. And I need to get my head in the game when I'm gonna start again taking that course in September. Third : I have a wonderful wife and a house that still needs some work. So doing stuff around the house, renovating and most importantly “being home” and spending quality time with my beloved are pretty important too. Cyber-junkies out there know : Once you get behind the computer , its easy to loose track of time. Living on the edge of real and cyberspace is treacherous. Before you know it one falls into “cyber-overdrive” squeezing more digital information into ones life, spending more time behind the computer, being online all the time. Communicating and interacting faster and faster .. Speeding up the digital drip until, at the end of the day, your brain is too exhausted to carry on, yet to hyped up to sleep. And there has to be a balance.

SO….I had to choose. Work, Life, Study, Podcast, Website and so forth. And unfortunately (with much pain in my heart) I've decided to let the Knightcast podcast go. With the Globalgeek podcast doing extremely well several hours of the week are all ready absorbed by this project. And seeing the enormous work Dave puts into it .. I want to pull my weight as well. Secondly : The site. I want to take the time to write decent articles. About the things the Knightwise.com website is really about. Life on the edge of real and cyberspace (and not another Google-loved tech blog looking for yet another hit). So next week i'll probably redirect the Knightcast feed and refresh the podcast column on the right to reflect my current podcasting project : The Global Geek podcast. Please understand, its not a calli make lightly (especially when I get such nice feedback from listeners) but I cant do two (or three) half ass jobs (blog + 2 podcasts) Its time to cut something loose .. and to the rest of it .. right.. So .. New beginnings my friends.

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