carSame shit, different day is a very popular saying around these parts. Even I tend to fall in the routine of everyday life now and then. This morning when I chucked my Digital camera into my backpack I was silently pondering over the fact that I should pay more attention to the details of that everyday life, in order to find some inspiration to write about now and then. But hey : Doing the same one hour commute for over a year now does tend to dumb the sences a little bit. But it is as they say : Be carefull what you wish for, you just might get it. Apparently I had rubbed some genies lamp this morning for 30 minutes into my commute I started to notice a strange vibration emenating from the the back of my car. Listening intently to a Star Trek audiobook I first thought that this "tactile" addition to the suspence of the novell did add something to the whole, I soon came to the conclusion that "something" was wrong with my car.




dudeA frienly truckdriver flashed his lights to draw my attention to the fact that my right rear wheel was blowing smoke like a jamaican on holiday so it was time to pull over. And what do you know : I ran a flat. No big deal to switch a tire : Big deal if its pispoaring rain outside AND you are parked on a 2 meter wide strip along that very highway with barely enough room to manouvre. Being the safety-first kinda guy I transformed into a walking roadsign with my bright orange jacket and waited for the road-assistance crew to help me out.

3 hours later I arrived at work, having witnessed the transformation of this little puncture in my tire to an all out soap operah featuring helpfull drivers, Heroic road-assistance crews, a mountain of paperwork and phonecalls and .. four new tires. Thank the Matrix I was carrying my new Qtec smartphone to write down phonenumbers, make calls and of course shoot some pictures for you guyz. What an adventure.

So before you go and complain that you're stuck in a routine be careful what genies lamp you rub cause before you know it …

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