Its 2012. Where the hell is my Jetpack ?

Apr 27

If connoisseurs of Technology in general are terrible at one thing, then it must be their predictions. The question “How do you think the world of technology will look in 5 to 10 years time ?” will get you the most bizarre of answers. Just look around you. We are in a world where the kings of the mobile phone (Nokia and Motorola) are dragging their feet in both sales and innovation. We live in a world where our tablets are replacing our desktops but when I walk outside to hop into my flying car .. its not there. Somehow we are terrible at predicting the future. The mythical year 2000 has come and gone more then a decade ago and, even if we have made great leaps in technological progress, some of those things touted years and years ago to be ‘the common thing in the next millennium” still aren’t there. Let me share some with you in this great info-graphic. When did Scifi writers envision some inventions that we have today .. and how late where those inventions on their predicted due date … (click on the pic to get the full chart)

For those of you with a real taste for “tomorrows technology” as envisioned years ago, grab your personal jetpack and subscribe to the paleofuture blog.

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