#KWPOW: Some old geezers hanging out.

May 01

I’ve been mocked many times for keeping hold of my old childhood toys. But where most men keep their toys in a box in the basement or the garage, some of my toys are proudly on display in our living room. Yes, I am fortunate to have a wife who is not only as geeky as I am, but who also follows me when we go out Transformer hunting. Where she got ‘into’ Transformers thanks to Michael Bay, the little Takara Tin Men were my favorite childhood toy back in the 80’s. So in the big display case in our living room, these two old geezers are on display. Mirage and Jazz, discolored by age and worn by age, stand together as veterans of the great wars of Cybertron. Compared to the newest Transformers that await eagerly in the shelves of the local toy store , they look clunky and primitive .. but they are a true classic.

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