KWTV202 : Wardriving with Knight and Swift.

This week in KW-Tv episode Two, we dive back in time and digg up an old video made by Swift and me some 4 years ago. At the time Wireless networks where not as abundant as today, yet we ventured out in the search of an open hotspot. Take a look and watch just how easy it was back then (and now) to cruise around and hop onto people’s free wifi using horribly simple tools like Netstumbler. The WOW is Now .. presented by a cow. 🙂 KwTv episode 2 !


Swifts website


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KWTV201 : "The new Ipods".

With the poll pointing out the obvious I decided to give it a go and slam together my own video podcast. So check out my very first attempt at becoming the next Tv-Star in Cyberspace. (only kidding). In this episode of KW-tv I talk abou the latest Apple keynote and all the new products that where launched from a Belgian point of view. The new Nano, The Ipod Classic and of course the Ipod Touch and the Iphone. I compare the pro and the cons, the price and the competition and of course what all of this means to the average cyber citizen. Be sure to let me know what you think !!

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