Wireless hacking tools.

Dec 14



Wireless Hacking tools. Found this baby at digg.com. For all of you guyz that liked the episode about wardriving .. here is your rambo-style combat equiptment.Anyone interested in wireless security and exploiting vulnerabilities will need a good set of base tools with which to work. Fortunately, there are an abundance of free tools available on the Internet. Brought to you by Dan Hoffman, CISSP, CWNA and regular columnist for the new online magazine, The Ethical Hacker Network.
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Let me see your new toy !

Dec 13

Bought mysellf an Ipod. I don't really believe in Santa anymore.. I don't even care for all the Christmas shopping that has to be done constantly. I despise the shops being open on Christmas eve because people go on an all out frantic frenzy to find god knows what for god knows who. I don't care for all that. I did my Christmas shopping (for myself that is) yesterday. Undisturbed I entered the store and was able to browse around. Checking out several items of my choice .. looking at the displays and carefully sifting through the information that was available about the product I was interested in. Nobody was cutting in line.. Nobody was rude .. and all items where in stock. I love this store.. because I can just shop in my bathrobe with a cup of capuchino beside me. The name of the store ? the apple store of course.. The name of the product of my choice ?

The Ipod video. After two years of intensive work, my third generation Ipod is going to be retired. Well.. not retired .. but reassigned. It will now become the musical sidearm of my fair lady in her daily commutes from and to work. If I think of it .. my ipod has been the most intensely used electrical item that i have owned for such a long period of time. And quite frankly.. it still has quite some time left in it yet.. For two whole years we have been litteraly attached to the hip and the world it opened up to me … the things i've learned with it .. the tunes it played… the times we had… Well… what can you say.. its MY ipod. And as I lovingly pass it on into Nyana's waiting subtle hands … its replacement is in the mail. Engraved with my very own name and the link to the website you've all come to know and love the 30 gigabyte Ipod video will soon find its way towards me. I'm looking forward to its crisp screen and its ability to entertain me on the road .. not only with audio .. but with video as well. Although musical content has been lacking on my Ipod these last few months due to the fact that its a pain in the ass to organise 80 gig's of mp3"s into itunes playlists.. this will no longer be the case. Wonderful Itunes apple script applets will do that for me and the new Ipod will be packed with podcasts… music and .. video's !!!

Ask my beloved fiance for her wonderful experiences when we go shopping together. I wade behind her .. paying attention and commenting on the things she browses through.. but am also peering onto the display of my PDA while reading .. a book ! I've read several (some 15) books on my pda.. from the Rebel Dawn trilogy (The rise and fall of Han Solo) to the combined works of Arthur C Clarc.. To more Star Trek fiction then you can throw a stick at.. I've read LOTS on my pda !. My Pda is gone now .. I sold it yesterday because .. A windows pocket pc is just lost in a world with macs .. and with a mail server that does not support synchronisation with pocket pc's. So ditch it and .. buy an ipod. So some time soon .. As Nyana and I go shopping I will not only have music and podcasts to listen to .. but also something to LOOK at as we are standing in line in front of the fitting booth. Tech and Nerd Tv will be the main topics of course .. because .. one HAS to learn .. doesn't one. And allready i'm diving into the realm of how to record shows i want to see on Tv .. and convert them to my Ipod. Something tells me that our little PVR is going to have a lot of work soon.For those of you wondering .. no .. I DID not choose a black one..

Why ? because ipods are supposed to be white ! They SHOULD be white … They have always been White. ! And because I don't want to become one of these cry babies that whines about scratches on their precious ipods. I sometimes wonder if these people have unprotected sex with Nigerian hookers and afterwards complain to the consulate for catching some itchy crotch disease ? USE PROTECTION. Both for your I-pod as for your I-pecker !… Djeez.. its a 300 euro machine.. you are gonna carry it around EVERYWHERE so quit wining.. give the little bugger a bag to sit in and get over it when there is ONE little scratch on it. Enough said.. On with my day.. I have not had a chance to put a show up and will probably try tomorrow or Thursday… otherwise i'll put out an emergency broadcast show… Just before my holiday's kick in… Tadaaaa !!!!!

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I'm omnipotent .. but don't have the time to use it !

Dec 12

Aarg ! Garageband. 

Yes I Know .. I’ve been lagging and slacking like there is no tomorrow.. And i'm very ashamed of myself. Last weeks podcast is ready .. done and produced and I cannot find the time to finish it and put it on line.. Reason ? Freaking' Garageband THATS the reason. I decided to record the podcast on the road and compile it in Garageband. Sounds fine so far .. I must say .. the interface is great and its a fantastic way to post produce podcasts. BUT .. with the whole EXPORT TO ITUNES crap things went down the drain. The 'MIXDOWN' where Garageband squashes the 17 different tracks into one AAC track took for-freakin'-ever. And then when i tried to export the whole shebang into Itunes and make an MP3 out of it .. It just would not respond. So I’ve been tackling this shitty problem for a few days now in-between an incredibly busy agenda.

Work .. Clients of my own .. Shit going down with my family.. Shopping for Christmas presents and so forth. Saturday morning started out with an early start on some clients I had to visit. By the time everybody's morning coffee was warm I was already on my way to client number two. Although i was tired and grumpy (I get grumpy when i have not had enough sleep) it was a fantastic morning.. The fog and frost where rolling along the white meadows and the sun was unable to shine through the dense white blanket that surrounded my car. Beautiful !

Saturday afternoon we went into town for some Christmas shopping. A stop at the local Irish bar ( The Irish times) proved that they had the best hot chocolate in town .. and that listening to football commentators makes Nyana all sleepy. But it was probably the cold weather alternated with the warm innards of the pub that contributed to all this. When we got home at five (after a stop at the local mac store) and i crashed in the couch to fall asleep instantly.. Spent the rest of the evening floating on the fringes of being awake while watching a cheerleader movie.

Sunday ! Rush rush cause we had to take my mom to church (it was a service in honor of my dad) so we did not get a chance to sleep in. At noon we picked up a broken laptop at a clients place and where of again. A nice little diner in Genk, an accidental meet-up with my mom (again !) and a pushy salesman in the DIXXONS store later.. we where heading towards Nyana's parents.

There it proved that the combined forces of me and my dad-in-law must fringe on the omnipotent. (Either this or HP makes DAMN good laptops) I shall elaborate.

Two weeks ago Nyana and me experienced what could only be described as ' The baileys incident' where a combination of oversight, bad laptop positioning and gravity resulted in an ENTIRE GLASS of Baileys cream spilling over the keyboard of our NX 6110 laptop. Thank heavens i was around when it happened , I immediately turned the laptop upside down , removed the battery and power supply and started taking the laptop apart. After plunging the detached keyboard in a sink with clear water (to get the bayleys out) i took apart the laptop and clean whatever liquids had fallen into the machine with a napkin. Fortunately almost nothing had leaked in. So after letting the whole deal dry for a week .. me and Nyana's dad put the machine back together .. AND IT WORKED !!!! So hurrah for the best laptop i ever bought (possibly even taking my ibook into account) cause this baby has proven its worth. Thanks to its resurrection from the dead i have decided to give it an other lease on life and am planning a little UBUNTU SAFARI with this black baby.

I'll keep you posted and put this weeks show up asap.

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But there IS one more thing ….

Dec 06

Lecturing about podcasting. 

Remember I told you guyz that I had to do a lecture about podcasting last week ? For the local mac-geeks ? Well : Been there Done that ! And it was quite fun too. Today I got some of the pictures back and boy.. do I look like a nerd on this one. Caught in an aquard 'O' pose , leisurly planting my hand in my pocket.. Strip the suit jacket (combined with a white T-shirt for a nice balance between proffesionality and leisure)I did my thing. The rest of the week is downright crazy again. At te home front ( @my parents) troubles are brewing and at casa Knightwise there is also a lot of stuff to get done. All in all I still feel pretty tired , probably thanx to the 4-episodes-in-a-row lost-a-thon me and Nyana sat through yesterday evening. It was the season finaly and we had the next episode on the hard drive.. so my little kitten just could not go to bed before seeing the end of the first episode. Now I like peering along over the edge of my computerscreen and ask stupid questions like "who's that ?" to drive Nyana bonkers.. but lost is a pretty good show. I don't get half of the intrigues but its bizareness reminds me of "the twilight zone" – tv show when I was a kid. No rest for the wicked since my provider decided to switch over all the knightnet.be dns records from my old to my new provider.. So its gonna be mailin' mayhem tonight as I have to reconfigure our own mailserver. I'm soooooh tired :)…

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The Knightcast Episode 18 : Avenue

Dec 02

The Knightcast Episode 18 : Avenue

Direct link to the show : http://www.knightwise.com/podcasts/kc11205.mp3


Join us for a non-technological intermezzo before we ramp up to the end of the year. Some soundseeing at the crack of dawn, browsing through linux distributions for the mac and talking about a lovely weekend outing filled with snow, christmass spirit, low priced ipods and fallen american soldiers. A stroll through the "real" side of the edge of real and cyberspace. A mobile cast .. a blog ? Or a story of reality …



Find more info at www.knightwise.com of surbscribe my looking for the knightcast in itunes.

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