The Magic Indoneesians

Mar 24

Yesterday afternoon proved to be a fun episode in the week. Driving from work to school i stopped at a local Car wash not far from Geel. I had seen these dudes before , 4 or 5 whacky guyz that wash your car for 15 euro's (inside and outside ! ! ) As you know I'm lazy , and the 307SW was not the modern example of a clean car (Soot and salt and dirt all over). So i pulled over and decided let these guyz do their worst. And Damn, they where GOOD ! 'Just like new !' the guy calls out to me. And after ripping into the car like 5 Borgs on speed go at a starfleet shuttlecraft I barely recognized the 307. It was spot clean ! Its like driving a whole new car ! I mentioned the blogg, pulled out my digital camera and made the picture you see above. They where Super friendly these guys and I recommend everybody to stop on by and have these guys attack your dirty ride !

After that it was of to Leuven. Took my lunch break on the stairs of the square next to the Tiensevest and with the soothing sounds of I checked out the fine looking female students and in general watched the world go by. After tinkering with another podcast-experiment it was of to school.

Got home pretty early that night to find Saskia still up 🙂 We went to bed early and ended up chatting and teasing each other. ( According to Saskia , people might think that I am gay because i'm a 'real man' and no silly macho) I've been pondering that statement for a few hours now .. but am not getting any wiser (no comments on this Mr Swift , just shut up) But Saskia did mean it as a compliment.. so.. there you go.

The whole ASTRA debacle is over, I ordered my company car today.. and let you know what it is real soon .. its a surprise.

Last but not least : Got elected for the I-city project in Hasselt (more about that soon) and found a feed script that might just do the trick and parse this blog into the site

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A day in pictures.

Mar 23

Haunted by the shadows of sleep I crouch down amidst the sleeping dwarfs and wish for slumber to whisk me away. There.. that about sums up how I felt this morning. After having my third migraine attack in a row yesterday evening I popped over to see the doc. who kindly told me to start taking it easy and park my tush in bed until next Monday. Can't do that of course .. although when I got home last night I crashed on the couch (didn't even boot up my pc) and went to bed at nine. I'm just exhausted :(. Don't know what it is but.. I guess I have a hard time keeping up the pace sometimes. from this morning up to next Saturday afternoon the book is full so Saturday afternoon will be the first moment where I have the chance to relax a little bit. School tonight, School tomorrow.. Damn.. Leuven is becoming a drag. Where I used to be so full of energy when I arrived in Leuven , now I’m just a sleepy soul in the back of the room trying to stay focused on what’s going on. Its not that I’m not interested .. but I just can't keep the fire burning like it used to be. Guess the mileage is getting to me. But still. I hope I feel a bit better later on ( Jeej , here comes another migraine attack) I'm really off my normal state …

Enough complaints , I need your help. As you know I get to choose a company car pretty soon , and I have a choice between two models to choose from. So check out the pictures below and tell me what model you like the best. There is the Astra Break (very mature) and the Astra Hatchback (very sporty) . I'm interested in finding out how your perception is of me by choosing what car would suit me best . So there's the question. what car would suit me best and why (you can also pick the color : black/bleu/Silver). I'm curious about your input.

In other news : I'm kind of thinking of adapting the whole website. This by moving my blogg over to live journal so I can parse it in the main page (and you can read all my entries straight from the main page) and by using my account (this one) to post pictures on and making it a 'picture of the day' item I can crosslink to. TO bad I haven't heard from the guys who made that script (they where going to fix the TAG error you get on .. but hey , I got to move on.)

Meanwhile I’m pretty proud to be able to say I post almost daily on this blogg. I also have plans for a weekly pod cast , but don't know how I’m going to get it all done. I can do it 'all mobile' I guess. Record it on Wednesday afternoon (in the 1 hour break I have between work an school) and upload it the same night or the next day when I’m at the 'angelus' in Scherpenheuvel. ( FYI : the Angelus is this little tea room in Scherpenheuvel , crowded with old folks , but it has free wifi access and good cappuccino.. So what do you know !).

Although I have been dragging my camera around I haven't had the time of taking any pictures yet. I just don't get out of the car a lot I guess 🙂 I do have an Idea called : My day in images, basically taking pictures of my life all day long. Would be a cool thing for the blogg.

Well To give you a little idea of tonight I’ve posted a pic from school along with this post.

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You Suck !

Mar 22

Hmm Haven't gotten a time to post these last days. It has been busy too 🙁 Went out on Friday and I had to get up real early on Saturday to help out in the shop so my brother could sleep in ( erm… yess). One does it out of the kindness of ones heart but still its a bit stupid of me. Oh well. Skipped the Saturday-afternoon-walk-and-sleep session in favor of cruising to Leuven to go have a look-see at the new company car i'm getting from the firm I work for. The dude in the garage was not exactly up to speed in what I could buy and I didn't know hells bells about it neither (its my first Comp. Car, don't know how all that stuff is arranged) Took one 'possible candidate' for a spin and decided it was 'good enough' but I had to have more info about what my options where. So back to the drawing board. Bounced into Leuven in the late afternoon and had time for a great cappuccino and some walking around in the town. But Leuven is a shitty place. Its crowded, there is not much space and people are not all to friendly. At the risk of sounding arrogant I will say i would prefer good old Hasselt above Leuven, anytime !. Worked on a pc-from-hell the rest of the afternoon before we trotted out. Sunday was filled with PC-nightmare. Had to sit by this computer as i carefuly copied and restored 9000 mb worth of pictures and word files. Didn't even get a chance to hop by my parents place to go say hello to my mom (great, I’m gonna get flamed for that !) Saskia's grandma had her birthday dinner at six and I tagged along for some 'poestahooi' (look it up if you want to know what it means) and had a great time with her family. (why the hell can't my side of the fam. be more like that sometimes) More and more I get the feeling i'm alienating from the folks back home. Its like our paths are drifting apart and I don't seem nor notice nor to matter. I look at myself and see how estranged I have become from the boy I used to be back there. But the problem is that that is still how they see me. Thus I pull back further inside the protective bubble of my life and… well you know how it is. Was not feeling to well Sunday evening and that resulted in a tummy-trashing on monday. Out sick for the day (bless Saskia for taking care of me). Alternating between the bathroom and the sofa proved my exercise for the day. Laptop on the lap, episode of Battlestar Galactica to keep me company… I survived !

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An hour in dawn

Mar 18

Just a quick one today, because time is short. Started work a hour later today but decided not to sleep in. Had a nice time just sitting behind my Ibook , cappuchino in hand and the on-line moment of peace when there is absolutely no one on line to bug you 🙂 Nyana thought there where burglars in the house when she got up and found me still walking around the house (poor thing). zipped up to work in broad daylight accompanied by some podcasts to keep me up to speed. I'm probably going to drop my subscription on the madge weinstein show : Allthough its a nice anti-bush rant from time to time its getting to disorganised for my taste (and i like my podcasts tight and tidy). Looking forward to the weekend. Not that there is a lot of spare time to relax, there are still some fun things on the agenda. Going out browsing for my new (company) car on saturday and probably will end up couch-lounging on sunday. No matter , as long as i'm with the girl I love. Today i've posted a few pictures on the blog that make me feel 'at home'. Living the life of a cyber-gipsy it's sometimes important to have these pictures around. They make me feel at ease , happy , relaxed.. In other technotalk : I've been looking at a way to incorporate this blog into the main website. No luck as yett, allthough I have found out a great deal as to how SWIFT would be able to do it. Its a little complicated to get things just the way I want them. But we will keep on trying. Perhaps a peace of Marjoleins Cake (the one she bakes for her family) will give me some inspiration (hint !)

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Sparse sunlight and a poem over an encripted connection.

Mar 17

First of all : No pic today cause i'm mobile , Bloging at 'De geletterde mens' in Hasselt . Damn , My schedule at work changed today so I'm gonna have to start out later and finish an hour later allmost every day. The days I CAN start on time i'm gonna be driving straight up to school (MAN THIS SUX) I'm not pleased , but I don't realy have a choice in the matter. Since class was canceled today I found mysellf in the luxurious position of being able to set foot in town and catch some daylight when I got home. Enjoyed it. Went for a walk, Ipod on .. smelled the spring coming and tried to feel alive once more. I'm not one to complain about my busy lifestyle but… this is getting rediculous. Allmost every spare moment is bashed up with stuff to do. Work , school, the company … I've had to let all the freebies slide or i just won't have any life left at all. I'm seriously doubting how long i'm going to be able to keep it up. Work is time consuming (allthough i spend my commute-time wisely by listening to podcasts , I'm out at the crack of dawn and am now going to be back a lot later in the evening) Clients for my own little company need to be done and on top of that there is school , grabbing me away 2 whole nights a week , in a row. But somehow, no matter how fast i live, life seems to pass me by. I miss out on things, sitting on a terrace in the evening sun, walking through the park , having a cappuchino in the middle of the day.. boy i do miss those things. Maybe its just the spring bothering me.. but i've noticed i have given up so much these last years only to 'serve and protect' Its not allways fun. I try to do everything, if possible at once, and end up not being able to enjoy anything because I don't have the freakin time anymore to sit down and relax. It gets me frustrated sometimes. No matter how much I embrace my mobile lifestyle and encorporate it into my very life.. I often long for being at home, sitting at my kitchen table.. The cat not fare away. Plugged into a wired port into the familiar subnet of my own home. The more you travel the more restless it makes you feel sometime. But still. I'm happy to have my little blogg and enjoy the people that pass by and leave nice comments (thank you Marjolein). Its a good thing Nyana is a patient gall and that I guard that 1.5 free days we have together like a lion. If i woudn't do that , there would be nothing left at all. I would end up drowning in my olwn enthousiasm and getting burried in stuff to do . Everytime spring comes I have this same restless feeling. The call of the Hedon. I wrote a poem about that once . The anthem of my soul. I'll post it when i get the chance. ( VPN's home , acces personal files , transfer file, open with neooffice , copy paste.. damn , this mobile setup is REALY kickin ass !) Here ya go…

The call of the hedon.

Silence surrounds me like a silver cloak.
Thoughts roam like feathers in the storm.
Time glides like lava trough snow.
Truth eludes me like boiling vapour.

All I feel inside is the quest.
For the unknown destination,
For an unknown reason,
With an unknown concequence.

All I know is that I seek.
Unknown for what or where or why
Perhaps I chase the untouchable
Reach for the point beond the line.

Restless am I who never sleeps.
Never sits down , never at ease.
With one foot pointing at the door.
Although I don’t know where I’m going next.

Always the visitor , never the host..
Always the traveler and never the guest.
Always the searcher , but yet never found.
Always the mistery , never the truth.

I do not know what calls in my heart
Only that it’s the scream of the hedon
Restlesly dancing on the song of time.
Always a spec beyond the horizon.

I reach for the answers.
To end an endless quest .
But am afraid to find them one day.
For where shall I be then … and where must i stay.

Peace out !

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