kw504 : Sliders Academy Part One : Installing your Ubuntu system.

Feb 02

We start out a new series of Video tutorials on called “Sliders Academy” where we give you step by step guides to ‘learn how to slide’. We start out with chapter one of Sliders Academy where we show you how to setup a central Ubuntu system that will serve as the nervecenter for your upcoming slider activities. In this episode we show you how to download and install Ubuntu, Partition your drive, update your system and install some alternative desktop interfaces. 30 minutes of educational edu-tainment coming right up.


Download the video HERE.

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1 comment

  1. Mark

    Thanks for the content. I’m a slider myself. Found you through the Going Linux Podcast.

    I just wanted to let you know that your .m4v file won’t play on my Android phone. It thinks it’s a Quicktime file.
    I subscribe to the Knightwisecom feed using Doggcatcher.
    I downloaded the video to my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS netbook and it will play. Says it’s MPEG 4 AAC under properties.

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